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REC and Fesco launch refrigerated container service “Meat Shuttle” to China

MOSCOW, March 19 The Russian Export Center (part of VEB.RF) and the Fesco transport group agreed to launch and promote a new service “Meat Shuttle” for sending Russian meat products in refrigerated containers to China and the countries of the South -East Asia, REC reports.
The corresponding memorandum was signed by REC General Director Veronika Nikishina and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fesco Andrey Severilov at the TransRussia exhibition.
“Meat shuttle” will allow meat producers from different regions of Russia to send their products to China and the countries of Southeast Asia as part of a single end-to-end transportation without repacking and changing refrigerated containers along the entire route, and also save delivery time due to the absence of overload at intermediate points.” , says the center.

The main benefit of the Meat Shuttle is that it ensures complete safety of frozen products, and exporters will be able to compensate up to 25% of transportation costs under the state transportation support program agricultural products. This support measure is one of the most popular in the REC arsenal.
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In addition, customers of the service will have access to the main intermodal and land routes in China, where Fesco operates – through the ports of Vladivostok and St. Petersburg, as well as through land border crossings.
“The launch of the Meat Shuttle opens up profitable prospects for Russian meat exporters, providing them with a reliable and efficient service to deliver their products directly to the Chinese market. This project is not just a logistics initiative, it includes government-level support, thanks to which exporters can reimburse up to 25% of their transportation costs. This significantly reduces the financial burden on our exporters, making their products more competitive on the international stage,” Nikishina said.
She added that “the launch of a comprehensive turnkey service taking into account the requirements of exporters of perishable products is an important contribution to the development of Russia’s export distribution infrastructure.”

“Projects for launching regular accelerated shuttles with the participation of the Fesco transport group have already proven themselves in the export transportation market – a year ago we “launched” the specialized “Fish Shuttle” service for fishing enterprises in the Arctic and the Far East, offering exporters the best conditions. Such joint projects in collaboration with the largest players in the transport services market and the country's leading exporters demonstrate our ability to adapt to the changing conditions of global trade, offering Russian producers profitable logistics solutions with an uninterrupted cold chain. I believe that given the opening of the Chinese pork market, the Meat Shuttle will be in great demand among Russian exporters of meat products and will allow them to occupy a serious niche in the target market,” added the head of the REC, emphasizing the strategic importance and benefits of the project for Russian exporters.

“Every year, our cooperation with the Russian Export Center is expanding and becoming more fruitful and relevant, meeting the current needs of exporters. Last year at TransRussia, Fesco and REC announced the launch of the Fish Shuttle. Since then, the service has shown its demand among Russian fishing industry when sending fish and seafood to Asia-Pacific countries. Now it’s our turn to turn our attention to domestic meat producers, to help them build optimal logistics chains when sending products to China in refrigerated containers. To this end, we, together with the REC, are announcing the launch of a new export service “Meat Shuttle” “, said Severilov in turn.
He is confident that “this logistics solution will become relevant and in demand, and will also continue the program for developing the export of Russian agricultural products.”
““Service clients will receive a simple, seamless and fast way to deliver poultry products and beef to Southeast Asian countries and China , and now also pork. After all, the Chinese authorities have finally lifted restrictions on the supply of this type of meat from Russia, which had been in effect for over 15 years. Moreover, the first batch of Russian pork is now being delivered to China thanks to Fesco and its subsidiary Dalreftrans, – concluded the head of the company.
The REC added that the parties will also develop a roadmap for the integrated development of routes and will explore the possibility of using seamless documentation for the transportation of meat products from Russia to China.

The service operator will be the Dalreftrans company “, which is responsible in the group for the transportation of goods requiring compliance with temperature conditions.


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