GENERICO.ruCultureAn exhibition dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the capture of Paris opened in Moscow

An exhibition dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the capture of Paris opened in Moscow

MOSCOW, March 19The exhibition “Rejoice, Moscow! Ross is in Paris”, dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the entry of Russian troops and their allies into Paris on March 19 (31), 1814, opened at the Battle of Borodino panorama museum in Moscow, a correspondent reported.
The title of the exhibition included a line from Alexander Pushkin’s poem “Memories in Tsarskoe Selo,” which the poet read during a lyceum exam in 1815.

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The exhibition featured portraits of historical figures whose names are directly related to the siege of Paris and the subsequent triumphant entry of the Allied forces into the capital of France. Field Marshal Karl von Schwarzenberg and General Michael Barclay de Tolly commanded the Allied armies. The defense of Paris was held by the French corps of Marshals Marmont and Mortier. Alexander I's aide-de-camp Mikhail Orlov played a significant role in the negotiations for surrender. General Fabian Osten-Sacken served as military governor of Paris.

Engravings from the early 19th century depict the solemn procession of the Allies through the streets of Paris, the dismantling of the statue of Napoleon from the Vendôme Column, and Napoleon signing the act of abdication. Graphic sheets with scenes of the Easter prayer service on Concord Square in April 1814 recall this event, which had symbolic significance for the subsequent restoration of the Bourbon dynasty.

As stated by the deputy director of the museum, Victoria Pavlenko, on April 10, 1814, a solemn prayer service was held on the Place de la Concorde.
“The ceremony took place at the very place where King Louis XVI was executed. There was a podium for a prayer service. It is curious that Catholic and Orthodox Easter coincided on that day. This is symbolic, since coalition troops who professed different religions gathered in the square,” – said Pavlenko.

Among the exhibits: samples of bladed weapons from the late 18th – early 19th centuries, award medals “For the Capture of Paris” and a medal “For the Emperor’s Stay” Alexander I in Paris”, made at the Paris Mint.

The exhibition was organized with the participation of private collectors Alexander Vikhrov, Tatyana and Sergei Podstanitsky.


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