GENERICO.ruEconomicsRussia is not afraid of competition with Iran in the oil market, Lavrov said

Russia is not afraid of competition with Iran in the oil market, Lavrov said

MOSCOW, March 21 Russia is not afraid that Iran will compete with it in the oil market, there will be no shortage of consumers, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei said Lavrov.
“I don’t see any problems in the fact that Iran has restored its legal rights, which provide it with the opportunity to develop by selling oil, receiving income, investing the profits. Within the framework of OPEC+, of which both Iran and Russia, there is a clear understanding of how to negotiate and seek compromises. This scheme has been working for many years. No one is at a loss, no one is offended,” Lavrov said, answering the question whether the interests of Moscow and Tehran in the oil market could intersect.< br />
Moreover, the hydrocarbon market will grow, the minister believes. “China has slowed down its growth rate a little. But if you look at the numbers, they are two to three times faster than the rate that exists in many other countries, especially in the West. India is growing even faster,” he noted in an interview for the documentary project “Oil.” .

“Therefore, there will be no shortage of consumers. There are no fears here. Normal countries, basing their actions on international law, will always find a mutually acceptable balance of interests,” Lavrov added.


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