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“The first media person!” Russian football mourns the loss of Vasily Utkin

MOSCOW, March 20, Andrey Vasilchin. Vasily Utkin passed away on Tuesday. One of the most recognizable sports journalists in Russia has passed away at the age of 52. Sports tells how domestic football reacted to the death of an eminent commentator, on whose reports more than one generation has grown up, and whose quotes from the FIFA football simulator have become classics.
“A lot was left unsaid…” Throughout Tuesday evening, condolences were expressed to family and friends by clubs (among them among them are Zenit, Spartak, CSKA and Krasnodar, the main football organizations (including the RFU and RPL), as well as many sports figures.

The head coach of the national team also shared his bitter emotions from the death of the commentator Russia Valery Karpin:
“”I'm shocked. In addition to the fact that we communicated, we were also friends. He was my friend.”

The former head coach of the Russian national team and CSKA, now working at Shanghai Shenhua, wrote warm words on social networks “Leonid Slutsky:
“”The man who changed all sports television. The man who was the first in everything, even the first person in the media! It’s very sad and painful for the soul, they didn’t say a lot… R.I.P. “.
Ex-captain and coach of the Russian national football team Viktor Onopkotold the correspondent that for him, Utkin’s departure was a tragedy:
“”For me this is a tragedy, because I knew Vasya personally. This is grief for the family, for the sports community. He was a good person and a good commentator. Only good things remain about him memories.”

“There are no talents with a simple character”The death of the journalist was a great loss for the former Russian national team striker Andrei Arshavin, who remembered Utkin's difficult character.
“”This is a big loss. He was a reporting genius, he had a very good command of words. Yes, Vasily was a difficult person, with a complex character, but there are probably no talented people with a simple character. A big loss for all of journalism,” Match quotes Arshavin TV.”
Another ex-football player of the Russian national team, Vladislav Radimov, published a joint photo.

"Our last meeting. Rest in peace and thank you for everything, friend,” the athlete signed the photo.

In a conversation with the “Championship”, former football player of “Zenith” and the national team Alexander Kerzhakov also remembered the journalist:
“”Very tragic and unexpected news. I don’t remember the last time we talked with Vasily, but there was a period when I was returning to Russia from Seville, and then we talked often. We even commentated on the Betis – Sevilla match in 2008 year. And he invited me to the studio for the victorious UEFA Cup final. Unfortunately, Russia has lost one of the most talented sports journalists and commentators. It’s a pity that we haven’t heard him on television lately. This is a big problem for TV, in particular sports and football. We all loved the “Football Club”, which opened up for us a large number of commentators who are now working.”
In addition, he told what he remembered about Utkin, and Kerzhakov's teammate Dmitry Bulykin :
“”It's a pity. Vasily was a good commentator. He was remembered for his sharp statements. Vasily participated in all spheres of life and popularized football everywhere. I remember him as a bright and erudite person. We often had discussions with him, our teams played in the LFL. It's a pity that people are leaving so young.”

“Either they hated, or respected and loved.”The renowned coach who led Spartak and the Russian national teamOleg Romantsev admitted that it was not easy to come to a common opinion with Utkin:

"For me this is a blow, a big blow. I'm in so much pain! I didn't even come to my senses. Very unexpected. Vasily was my good friend. He and I often argued and often disagreed. But they always listened to each other, they always listened to each other. And, as a rule, we came to a consensus. Utkin is an era. An era in journalism and commentary. I never adjusted to anyone, I always had my own opinion. A unique personality, in my opinion. Nobody treated him indifferently. They either hated him because he was a truth-teller, or they respected and loved him the way I loved him.”

Finally, another legend of the coaching workshop, Anatoly Byshovets, said that he remembers Utkin as a novice journalist:
“I must say that he adapted very quickly as far as his profession is concerned. We must give credit that Vasily’s ability to learn was sufficient to become one of the best. In general, I believe that there was a certain overestimation of oneself and one’s own importance when “his popularity, to some extent, became the reason for his departure from Match TV. He changed his profession, and his human qualities… He is a principled person, we had a pretty good relationship, as far as possible. We only have to regret it and express our sympathy to our loved ones.” (Euro Football)

Memories of fellow commentators

  • Konstantin Genich:

“Vasya had a peculiar way of managing. Maybe he would poke some fun somewhere, rub his nose in. For the first few years I tried to explain to Vasya that he didn’t understand football as well as he thought. But if it weren’t for Vasya, I would never have ended up in this profession. It was a conversation with him that became fateful for me.”

  • Georgy Cherdantsev:< /li>

“Eh, Vasily, Vasily… May you rest in peace… There are people in the creative field who change their profession. Only a few actors, directors, representatives of other creative directions are capable of this. They come and do something something that no one has done before. They destroy the stereotypes of the profession and push its boundaries. Vasya Utkin did this in the profession of a sports commentator. <…> And left a big mark on it. Thank you, Vasya, for “Football Club” . It was and remains, in my opinion, the best, real journalistic program on sports television in Russia.”

  • Nobel Arustamyan< /strong>:

“I can't believe it. I have no words, something broke inside. There is emptiness left. Vasya is forever the best.”


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