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The State Duma adopted a law on mitigating liability for economic offenses

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MOSCOW, March 20 The State Duma adopted a law, which was introduced at the draft stage by the New People faction, on the “indexation” of the amount of large and especially large damages that transfer the violation into criminal articles under economic crimes; it is aimed at transferring punishments from criminal to administrative.
When introducing the document, the leader of New People, Alexey Nechaev, said that in terms of the amount of damage in some criminal economic articles, inflation had already reached 80%, which means that the amount of damage does not correspond to the harm caused. “We need to transfer more violations from criminal to administrative. This will create a more comfortable environment for entrepreneurs,” said the party leader.

The bill provides for an increase in the thresholds for significant, large and especially large amounts of damage. In particular, it is proposed to make changes to a number of articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. “Introducing knowingly false information into a boundary plan, technical plan, survey report” (170.2) – large damage increases from 2 million 250 thousand to 3.5 million rubles, and especially large damage – from 9 million to 13.5 million rubles.

“Fraud” (159) the amount of significant damage increases from 10 thousand to 250 thousand rubles, large – from 3 million to 4.5 million rubles, especially large – 12 million to 18 million rubles.
“Illegal activity in providing consumer loans” (“171.5) is recognized as a large amount of hidden funds, totaling more than 4.5 million rubles for a period within 1 financial year.
“Restriction of competition” (178) the amount of large income increases from 50 million to 80 million rubles, and especially large from 250 million to 390 million rubles.The amount of large damage increases from 10 million to 16 million rubles, and especially large – from 30 million to 47 million rubles.


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