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The updated Buick Envision S is preparing to start sales in China amid a collapse in sales

In the electronic database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry, the updated compact crossover Buick Envision S surfaced back in May last year, and the export version for the North American market was officially announced in June, but the restyled crossover has not yet appeared either in the USA or China. Today, official photos of the restyled Buick Envision S for China have finally been published, which indicates the imminent start of sales.

The Chinese market remains the main market for the American brand Buick, but its sales here are inexorably declining: 517,650 cars were sold last year, which is 19.7% less than the 2022 result. Specifically, the Envision S crossover dropped by 18.5% in 2023, with 95,028 units sold. In January-February of this year, Envision S continued to lose ground: 12,030 units were sold, which is 17% less than sales in January-February 2023.

The current second-generation Buick Envision debuted in 2020; it is produced only in China at the SAIC-GM plant in Yantai, Shandong Province, and from here is exported to America. In China, the “second” Envision is known as the Envision S, since at the time of its debut the first-generation crossover was still in service, and the two models of the same name had to be somehow distinguished. And in 2021, an extended version of the new Envision with the Plus prefix appeared in China – it is not supplied to the USA. Envision and Envision S belong to the compact class (wheelbase – 2779 mm, length – 4662 mm), Envision Plus – to the mid-size class (wheelbase – 2833 mm, length – 4845 mm).

The restyled Envision received two-story front optics in the style of other latest Buick models and an enlarged radiator grille. At the stern, the lower part of the bumper has been slightly redesigned and the LED filling of the lights has been updated. The design of the branded rims has also been updated.

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The salon received a panoramic two-screen display instead of the previous panel with arrow dials, the instrument screen was supplemented with a projector of operational readings on the windshield. The automatic transmission mode selector has moved from the central tunnel to the steering column, there are noticeably fewer physical buttons in the cabin.

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There is no information about the power plants, but they are unlikely to have changed. The pre-styling Envision S is offered in China with petrol turbo engines – 1.5 liters (211 hp, 270 Nm) and 2.0 liters (234 hp, 350 Nm), both engines are complemented by a 48-volt starter that assists during acceleration -generator. Transmission – only 9-speed hydromechanical “automatic”, front-wheel drive only.

American The Envision is currently only available with a 2.0-liter engine. Until the 2022 model year inclusive, optional all-wheel drive was offered for the American Envision, but now it is not available – apparently, it is not in demand.

We would like to add that in the USA Buick is now doing much better than in China: sales in 2023 increased by 61.4% to 167,030 vehicles, the Envision crossover immediately increased by 71.2% and sold 44,281 units.


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