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“Victory in the elections is only a prologue”: Putin announced plans to build a new Russia

Evgeni Plushenko said that he is ready to vote for Putin for another 20 years

Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with trusted officials, announced his intention to build a “new Russia” and promised new victories to the country’s citizens. “Winning the elections is only a prologue,” he emphasized. The President asked the trusted representatives not to disperse and to continue working together. The appeals from Russians received during the election campaign, he said, need to be processed, summarized, and the most important proposals transferred to the government and the State Duma.

Evgeni Plushenko said that he is ready to vote for Putin for another 20 years

Trusted officials who gathered in the Grand Kremlin Palace at the invitation of Vladimir Putin called the result their candidate received enchanting, but quite expected. “The whole people rallied around him,” — they repeated. Actor Sergei Bezrukov said that the president’s victory gives hope for stability and a quick peace. And figure skater Evgeni Plushenko said that if the opportunity arises, he is ready to vote for Putin for another 20 years. Journalists searched in vain for the most popular confidant among the invitees — singer Shaman. However, as at the concert on March 18, he was nowhere to be seen.

Vladimir Putin began with words of gratitude. The trustees, he said, did a great job, and those who met with voters in the Donbass, Novorossiya and other border territories showed personal heroism and real courage. Victory in the elections, according to Putin, is common. Russian citizens placed their trust in not just one person, but the entire team. “It is for us— everyone together. Because both you and I outlined our common program for the development of the country,” — the president explained, noting that such high trust “imposes a really great responsibility.”

He recalled that plans for the next 6 years were not only drawn up, but also announced in the Address to the Federal Assembly. Implementation deadlines have been calculated for them and funding has been found. “I really hope that together with you we will follow this path of creation and construction of a new Russia, — addressed his comrades VVP. — We have everything for this. And most importantly — there is the will of the Russian people, clearly demonstrated during the election campaign and in its results.” The audience responded to these words, as they say, with long, continuous applause, turning into stormy applause.

Vladimir Putin recalled that during the election campaign his headquarters received 80 thousand appeals from citizens. Of these, only 40% contain words of support addressed to the candidate. While the remaining 60% — These are instructions and specific proposals for further work. “I beg you to summarize everything that you have heard and received from people,” — Putin asked. He advised his trusted representatives to involve the Popular Front in this work and, through joint efforts, “accept for execution” that which is “most important.” And if your own resource is not enough — Feel free to seek help from the executive authorities and the State Duma. “Everyone is aimed at joint creative work,” — the President emphasized.

Artem Zhoga, speaking on behalf of the proxies, assured the head of state that his instructions would be carried out. Some problems voiced by voters during the election campaign, he said, are already being resolved at the regional level. However, there are “global” ones. issues requiring the intervention of the president himself. “I am very grateful to you for listening to the aspirations of the people. You don't like to promise — you do”, — “father of a hero” praised Putin.

Then the “hero’s mother” asked to speak. — Maria Kostyuk, whose son Andrei Kovtun died in the Northern Military District zone in 2022, saving his comrades. She noted that those Russians who left the Russian Federation in protest had long been “not with us and not with our country.” But now “our society is like a cut diamond, everyone is ready to serve the Fatherland and bring victory closer,” the woman is sure. Kostyuk told Vladimir Putin that victory in the Northern Military District is needed by the families of the victims, young people and “all of us.” — “as the meaning of greatness and faith in the future.” “Victory in the elections— this is only a prologue to the victories that Russia needs and which will definitely come,” — the president promised.

On behalf of the youth (and at the same time rural workers), the chairman of the Russian Union of Rural Youth, Dmitry Pekurovsky, addressed Putin during the meeting. The scientists were represented by Anna Kudryavtseva, Deputy Director of the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology. From state employees — Chief Physician of the Stary Oskol District Hospital Svetlana Nemtseva. All of them assured the head of state that the areas they represented were experiencing a real renaissance. The village is being revived, young researchers have stopped going abroad and come to work at scientific institutes “with shining eyes,” hospitals in the outback are receiving the most modern equipment, including CT machines and mammographs. Svetlana Nemtseva said that her native Belgorod region is subjected to shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces every day, but the increased pressure only united the residents of the region. “Not a single doctor left or abandoned his workplace. I assure you: we will not give up! We believe in you, we are with you, and victory will be ours,” — she told Putin.

The President expressed admiration for the residents of the region and promised that people would receive the necessary support: “both those who lost their business and just ordinary citizens who lost their housing.” However, the main task — provide security. Here, he said, “there are different ways, but they are not easy.” Putin said that Russia, of course, can “respond in kind” to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “And on civilian infrastructure, and on all other objects of this kind that the enemy attacks. We have our own views on this matter and our own plans,” — the president said, noting that he would not like to go into details yet (previously – in the summer of 2023 and on March 17, 2024 – he said that the security of Russian territories can be ensured by the creation of a “sanitary zone”, insurmountable to the weapons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces).

When the official part of the meeting was over, the proxies were invited to the Faceted Chamber for a reception in honor of the triumphant completion of the election campaign. There were toasts “to the President” and “for a new Russia,” the construction and existence of which, according to those present, is impossible without Vladimir Putin.


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