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Boring TV series, Plushenko and Trusova: interview with the young figure skating star


Winner of the Grand Prix Final in figure skating among juniors Lev Lazarev spoke in an interview with Sport about reality repeating the achievements of Alexandra Trusova, uninteresting films, independent life and why it is too early to compare him with Evgeni Plushenko.

“The status of the leader of the national team does not give anything”
— This the season was a breakthrough for you. Doesn’t the status of one of the leaders of the junior team put pressure?

— I don’t feel any particular responsibility, because this status means nothing gives.

— But if you skated the program cleanly, but took second place, isn’t that a shame?

— It doesn’t upset me at all. If I performed the program cleanly, I will still be happy, because I showed everything I can do. For me, this is more important than taking some place.

— You and Arseny Fedotov are often compared to Evgeni Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin.“I know, but I think it’s too early to talk about it.” While we are competing in juniors, we need to see what will happen when we reach seniors.

— Have you watched the performances of these Olympic champions?

– Of course, but I can’t single out anyone. Still, I looked at the recordings. But I really like the way they showed their programs. They were very artistic on the ice. Of course, I will also strive to have more choreography in the program, and not just jumping.

“I thought it was impossible to perform Trusova’s content”
— What was your first impression of your coach Sergei Davydov?

— I got into his group back in 2017 , before that I rode in Zelenograd. That coach gave me a very good base, but my parents and I decided that we needed to move on. When I came to Sergei Dmitrievich, I immediately really liked everything.

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— What kind of coach is he?

— Always listens to his athletes. When something doesn’t work out, he’s very encouraging, and in the end everything works out.

—Does he often swear during training?< /strong>

— Of course, he can say something, but these are never offensive words. I understand perfectly well that he makes comments so that everything works out for me. I am very grateful to him for this.

— As an athlete, do you need to be forced to work?

– No need. I really like what I do, I motivate myself.

— What goal do you set for yourself in figure skating?

— I want to show bright performances and do more than anyone else in all plans. Of course, I would like to go to the Olympics, but this is not the main goal.

— You jump almost all quadruples. This is a cool set for a 14 year old skater.

– Except for the quad Axel. At competitions, I did all quadruples except the loop, although I also performed it in training.

— How many quadruples do you think you can perform in one program?

— What were your emotions when you saw Alexandra Trusova’s five quadruples at the Olympics?

— I was really rooting for her and hoped that she would be able to show five quadruples. Then it seemed to me that this was very cool and almost impossible to do. But now I understand how she did it. -si?

— Probably a little lost, because you need to concentrate on quadruples. But we must try to maintain a balance between the technical part and the artistic part.

— Surely you saw the quadruple axels of Ilya Malinin and Vlad Dikidzhi. Would you like to try?

— I would, but it’s too early. I think that quadruple jumps are also possible, because personally, it’s even easier for me to jump a quadruple than a triple axel.

— Who from Do you like figure skaters?

— I really like Ilya Malinin. Personally, I don’t think that he only has jumping in his programs. It’s very cool when a person can perform the most complex elements and skate beautifully. This year Evgeniy Semenenko and Vlad Dikidzhi had interesting programs.

— You talk a lot about artistry, in what form would you like to perform?

< br>— There is no definite thing, but now I’m just looking for music for the new season. Of course, it takes a long time to get into character, but there is time for this at the end of the season and in the summer. I like that this year I have two completely different programs.

“Parents thought that figure skating was a one-time thing”
— Tell us how you got into figure skating.

— I watched the 2014 Olympics. Then I didn’t even really distinguish between the skaters, because I was four years old, but I still asked my mom and dad to take me to the skating rink. My parents thought it was a one-time thing, but now they support me very much.

— Do you have time to attend school?

— I don’t show up there, I’m at family school. For quite complex subjects such as mathematics and physics, I have tutors, and I teach some subjects myself. My parents don’t study with me.

—What subjects do you like most?

— Algebra, English and now chemistry. But this year I will take mathematics, Russian, English and computer science at the OGE. Although I have not yet decided what I want to become.

— Do you have time for a hobby?

— I have practically no free time, but I I like to study. I read books only in the summer, and I can like anything.

— What about movies?

— I don’t watch them, and neither do TV series . I don’t like them at all, they seem very boring.

—You’ve already talked about your dad. Do you look up to him?

— Of course, he always supports everyone and takes care of his family. I would like to be like him.


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