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Crossovers SWM G01, G01F and G05 Pro: now official and at reduced prices

Back in April last year, we reported that the CKD assembly of three crossovers of the SWMbrand, new for Russia, prices were announced in late autumn of the same year, and at the very end of 2023, dealership centers began operating, and sales began all three Chinese-Italian (or Italian-Chinese) models. But the official presentation of the brand on the Russian market took place only on March 20 of this year. To the question “Why?” Vice Chairman of Shineray, which owns the SWM brand, Mr. Xie Yun, responded humorously: “Because a good dinner is never too late.” In fact, the brand has changed its distributor – now its interests are represented by Vostok Veter Rus.

Let us remind you that SWM has Italian roots. In 1971, Piero Sironi and Fausto Vergani registered a company in Milan called SV.VM (Sironi Vergani Vimercate Milano), which began producing motorcycles. In 1984, the company was closed and production stopped. But in 2014, all assets were acquired by the Chinese concern Shineray Group, which first restored the production of motorcycles, and in 2016 launched car production in Chongqing, China. Today, the design and scientific and technical center is located in Milan, and the main production site is in Chongqing.

All three models included in the Russian SWM line are built on the same platform, have the same wheelbase of 2750 mm, and the same power units, which include a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 139 hp. and a 7-speed robot with two clutch discs in an oil bath. The suspension design is typical for budget crossovers: the front is MacPherson struts, the rear is semi-independent with a torsion beam. Drive is front-wheel drive only. Switching gearbox modes in all models is carried out using a rotor controller.

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The basic model of the Russian SWM G01 line is distinguished by fully diode lighting technology (the rear lights in the form of an arrow tail are especially impressive), an eco-leather interior (and the driver's seat is equipped with ventilation), an Android multimedia system with a SIM card slot, a panoramic roof with a sunroof and spacious second row of seats (thanks to the wheelbase), as well as a fairly voluminous trunk. Moreover, by folding the second row of seats, you get a substantial area with a flat floor.

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The G01F is essentially the same G01, but with a modified front and rear design. The rear bumper looks especially impressive with a powerful diffuser and a fog light placed in the center, like the brake lights of a formula car. The ends of the exhaust pipes peek out from under the bumper, which look as if the “turbo-four” located under the hood produces significantly more than 139 hp. In addition, the G01F is equipped with all-round cameras (they are not in the list of equipment of the G01), and the list of ordinary safety systems are complemented by blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance systems.

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The third crossover, G05 Pro, has a slightly longer body length, which made it possible to equip the car with a third row of seats. It is worth noting the very well-organized passage to the “gallery”, which does not require acrobatic exercises or gymnastic flexibility from the passenger. Another feature is the 10-inch screen of the head media unit with access to many online services.

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All SWM models are characterized by the presence of a sufficient number of physical controls for vehicle functions, from climate to driving modes .

The management of the Russian representative office sets an ambitious goal – to increase the annual sales of the brand to the level of 50,000 cars per year. To do this, they are taking a number of steps: in particular, all individuals who purchased one of the SWM crossovers in the period from 12/01/2023 to 05/01/2024 receive free maintenance for a year. Prices for all models have been reduced: for G01 – from 2,438,220 to 2,178,220 rubles, G01F will now cost not 2,588,340, but 2,418,340 rubles, and the price of the seven-seater G05 Pro has dropped from 2,625,960 to 2,455,960. At the same time, the dealer network is also developing: today the brand is represented in 50 dealer centers throughout Russia, but the representative office plans to increase the number of sales and service points to 80-90. In addition, this year the line should be replenished with a new G03 crossover (in China it is sold under the name Big Tiger EDI), which, in addition to the gasoline version, will also have a hybrid installation.

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As for the motorcycles, they were used as decoration at the brand’s presentation. Nevertheless, the brand’s plans include launching official sales of SWM motorcycles in Russia during the current year. The SWM line of motorcycles is quite wide, it includes, for example, the cruiser SWM Stormbreaker V1200, and the sports SWM 500 and 500GY, and the heavy road motorcycle with sidecar Sidecar 520, which will certainly be of interest to a certain audience.

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