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Russia closed entry to 56 Canadian citizens

MOSCOW, March 22 Moscow has introduced personal sanctions against fifty-six Canadian citizens, they are denied entry into Russia, the actions were a response to sanctions from the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau against Russian citizens, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
“In response to the constantly imposed by the Liberal government of J. “Trudeau sanctions against representatives of the Russian leadership, the business community, academia and civil society, as well as anyone who is disliked by official Ottawa, which is guarding the pro-Nazi regime in Kiev, entry into the Russian Federation is permanently closed for 56 Canadian citizens,” the statement said. published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The department noted that the sanctions list included persons “actively involved through the academic community and pro-Bandera structures in the campaign to praise Hitler’s collaborators from the OUN*-UPA* (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists* – Ukrainian insurgent army *, extremist organizations banned in the Russian Federation – ed.) and the Galicia division, including the shameful honoring of the Nazi J. Gunko in the Canadian parliament.”

In addition, entry into Russia is prohibited for businessmen and heads of companies that are “involved in the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as active participants in the Russophobic campaign fanned by the authorities.”

* Extremist organizations banned in Russia


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