GENERICO.ruRussiaThe Moscow City Court upheld the decision to arrest SOTAvision journalist Antonina Favorskaya

The Moscow City Court upheld the decision to arrest SOTAvision journalist Antonina Favorskaya

The Moscow City Court considered the appeal against the arrest of SOTAvision journalist Antonina Favorskaya and upheld the decision of the Nagatinsky District Court, a Mediazona correspondent reports from the courtroom. Favorskaya will remain in the special detention center until March 27.

Judge Yulia Pritula did not allow re-interrogation of the police officers involved in the arrest and prohibited photo and video filming, saying that journalists would receive materials from the press service.

Despite persuasion, journalists were not allowed to film even during the break. “If they don’t want to sit quietly, you can take them out,” Judge Pritula commented on the journalists’ attempts to come to an agreement with the press service.

Before the judge left for the decision, Antonina Favorskaya addressed her with a short speech, in which she called the detention a provocation of the police:

– Similarly, in 2022, police officers approached the famous politician Ilsha Yashin while he was walking with his friend in the park. Despite the fact that he did not intend to run away, did not resist, they wrote out exactly the same report on him, where they indicated that he “grabbed his uniform, defiantly waved his arms, and refused to proceed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

The same wording is in my protocol. As in the case of Ilya Yashin, this falsified protocol is intended to intimidate and silence me.

They tortured Alexei Navalny in Kharp, abused his mother, and did not release his body for 10 days. And now they want them to stop talking about him, so that I stop talking about him. They are so afraid of the dead Alexei Navalny that they decided to press me. This is an administrative punishment – pure persecution of me for political reasons.

Favorskaya was detained on the evening of March 17 near the Brateevo police station three hours after laying flowers on the grave of Alexei Navalny, at that moment she was with two other journalists –


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