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The “My Export” platform advises exporters and helps with documents

MOSCOW, March 22 The “Export Professionals” service on the “My Export” digital platform helps sellers understand certification issues and obtain the necessary documents, reports the Russian Export Center (VEB.RF Group).
“It is widely known that the certification process and compliance with technical requirements for certification of goods play a decisive role when entering the markets of foreign countries, but understanding and interpreting their true meaning can only be done by specialists. Each country has its own requirements for product quality and safety, which creates additional costs when exporting goods,” says the center.
The REC adds that every year countries are increasingly resorting to the use of procedures for assessing the conformity of product certification, one of the means of non-tariff regulation, the meaning of which comes down to protecting the rights of consumers in their country when importing and artificially limiting the import of goods from foreign countries, which in turn supports national production.

“On the service, companies can use the following services in the direction of “Certification and Licensing”: “Certification, standardization, obtaining the necessary permits for export with state support” – provided under the program to support small and medium-sized businesses. 80 percent of the cost of the service can be reimbursed through regional Centers export support,” the message says.

Users can also get advice on marking and labeling requirements with state support – assistance in designing and labeling product packaging, 100% of the cost of the service can be compensated through regional Export Support Centers.

The platform also provides assistance in preparing the certification object for conformity assessment and audit – a comprehensive paid service that includes preliminary testing of products, audit of the production process, assessment of documentation and consulting on the development of technical documentation necessary for further certification. “It turns out that they are accredited partners of the REC,” the center clarifies.
“Due to compliance with conformity assessment requirements, products receive access to the market of another country, additional quality guarantees for the consumer. It can be noted that the largest number of technical regulation measures are applied in the countries of Asia, Latin and North America. As a rule, the more stringent the requirements for product certification , the more costs are required for their implementation. Accordingly, understanding the specifics of the procedures, their classification and the terminology used is important for the correct organization of exports and minimizing costs and risks. Therefore, companies seeking to effectively organize export activities are increasingly turning to the services of specialized service providers in the field of foreign economic activity,” noted Artur Zavyalov, director for development of partner infrastructure and non-financial products of the REC (part of VEB.RF).

The development of science and industry, the introduction of new technologies, the creation of innovative industries, the ESG agenda and many other factors invariably entail the emergence of new mandatory and voluntary requirements for production processes and product certification. The formation of stable foreign trade relations between Russian entrepreneurs and business representatives from other countries, as well as increasing the competitiveness of Russian products in foreign markets, is impossible without appropriate confirmation of the level of quality.

“The development of regulatory requirements is a natural step in the process of intensive development of industry and international trade, as well as awareness of humanity's responsibility to create a sustainable society. In view of the global sustainable development agenda, the analysis of both legal requirements and voluntary initiatives has become an integral part of the strategic planning process of companies. In this regard, the development of tools to support and building the potential of domestic companies,” said Sergei Kulakov, Deputy Head of the Validation and Verification Body of the Association “NP CIS CIS”.


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