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Nissan announced 30 new products, the upcoming premieres are Patrol and Murano

Of course, the portfolio will include fully electric models, but the Japanese company does not refuse cars with internal combustion engines. And, as before, the range will include not only SUVs and MPVs, but also sedans.

Nissan has once again updated its long-term strategy Ambition 2030, first presented in the fall of 2021: today the Japanese supplemented it with a business plan called The Arc. This plan involves increasing sales by 1 million vehicles and increasing operating profit by more than 6% by the end of the 2026 financial year (The Arc also includes the Infiniti brand). And the release of more than 30 new and restyled models (including Infiniti) should contribute to achieving this result. At the same time, future premieres are also highlighted – however, the cars are not indicated by name.

New Nissan brand 1/4 New Nissan 2/4 New Nissan 3/4 New Nissan 4/4

It is reported that of the 30 upcoming models, 14 will have internal combustion engines, while the rest will be electrified. Moreover, judging by the teasers, the range will continue to include not only SUVs and vans, but also sedans (or liftbacks), plus one of the new products reveals the “pop-eyed” electric hatch Micra – brother of the Renault 5. By the way, the company has a couple of premieres in this year has already been carried out: the Nissan Kicks SUV and the Infiniti QX80 SUV recently entered the new generation. And in the 2024 financial year, the next Murano and Patrol/Armada will be revealed.

New Nissan brand 1/9 < img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/76dac33d687383e5f8972465d3d642f8.jpg" />New Nissan 2/9 New Nissan 3/9 New Nissan 4/9 New Nissan 5/9 New Nissan 6/9 New Nissan 7/9 New Nissan 8/9 New Nissan 9/9

If we consider The Arc by region, the following picture emerges (Russia, for obvious reasons, is not included in Nissan’s plans). In the US and Canada, 7 “completely new models” will be presented within three years, and for the first time they will begin selling sequential hybrids with a proprietary e-Power installation; in addition, the States are promised full-fledged rechargeable PHEV hybrids. 8 and 6 new products are being prepared for Mexico and South America, respectively. In China, Nissan intends to launch 8 “green” models – and only half of them will be under the parent brand.

New Nissan brand 1/3 New Nissan 2/3 New Nissan 3/3

There will be 5 new models in Japan. The same number of premieres are being prepared for the Middle East, and in the Middle East market they will all belong to the SUV segment. 6 new products have been announced for Europe, 3 for India, and 2 SUVs will debut in Africa. And for Australia and neighboring countries they are preparing a new pickup truck with a carrying capacity of 1 ton. In general, The Arc’s plan includes several fresh Nissan trucks: a one-ton truck is announced, among other things, for North America and the “global market,” and a more modest truck will appear in Latin America. But for some reason the emphasis is on the Australian car.

New items from the Infiniti brand 1/6 New Infiniti 2/6 New Infiniti 3/6 New Infiniti 4/6 New Infiniti 5/6 New Infiniti 6/6

Some Nissan models will be created together with alliance partners. For example, the same one-ton pickup will be developed jointly with Mitsubishi (probably, we are talking about the next Navara, which will be related to the L200/Triton). And in Europe, India and Latin America, Renault will be the main partner.

What other interesting things did Nissan tell you? The company aims to reduce the cost of new generation electric cars (by about 30% compared to the current Ariya SUV), and also plans to have more efficient batteries. Finally, Nissan will continue to improve its own ProPilot autopilot.


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