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Victor Dobronravov: I don’t want my daughters to follow in my footsteps

MOSCOW, March 7, Anastasia Silkina. This role is not new for him: Viktor Dobronravov has been playing Onegin in the theater for a long time. And now in the cinema – in the film by Sarik Andreasyan. The actor spoke about the features of this picture, online critics and family in an interview.

— Did you use any discoveries made at the Vakhtangov Theater in the current film role?

— There are small overlaps, but overall it’s a completely different image. In Onegin’s letter to Tatiana, I, of course, relied on already developed dramatic pieces – the same as in the theater.

– Is there a difference between acting in a historical film or about today?
– Certainly! People spoke differently, walked differently, dressed differently, communicated differently. This is precisely what is interesting – be it the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th or the Middle Ages. Times change – people change.

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— Screen adaptations of classics traditionally attract particularly close attention. Already now, based on the trailer, they note the discrepancy between the age of Onegin’s performer and the novel. How would you respond to critics?

“We, of course, are all Pushkin experts, everyone knows how old Onegin is and what he should be like!” And when Sarik Andreasyan makes a film, they immediately think: “Well, now we’ll smash it to smithereens! Did he make Onegin? Onegin is old!” I'll tell you this: let the age of the main character be the biggest problem in this film.
Life has changed since the time of Pushkin: people at 40 years old remain infantile, and then at 25 years old they were already old people. Sarik proceeded from the fact that the hero, albeit in that Pushkin era, should meet current realities.

This is not the first time I play a character for whom I do not match my age. If you pay attention, both in plays and in many films, the director is interested in a specific artist who could play the role regardless of age.

— This year we are waiting for you on the screen in the continuation of the film “Palma” and the series “Eterna”. Tell us about them.
— I’m really looking forward to both projects. Eterna is a whole fantasy saga and I'm curious to see how it turns out.
Regarding “The Palm”: I think we made a very good family adventure movie – kind, funny, exciting. We had a great time in the Urals, Perm region and Moscow region. The story develops with the same characters, who this time will meet a little bear cub. I hope the continuation will be even more interesting than the first part.

— What do you, as a viewer, choose in your free time?

— I love both comedies and science fiction. I recently watched “Cyber ​​Village” with great pleasure.
—You have a very creative family. Do you want to do a joint theater or film project with your father and brother?
—Why not? We love and appreciate each other very much, so if the material comes, we will be happy to work together. I think this is more real in the cinema than in the theater.

— Would you like your daughters to follow in your footsteps?
— No, I’ve been talking about this for 13 years. Let them choose what they like. There are a lot of opportunities, not only the acting profession.


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