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The updated FAW Bestune B70 liftback is coming to Russia

The five-door has a different appearance and interior. We haven’t talked about the technology of our version yet. At home, the car is now presented only with a two-liter turbo engine.

The current generation FAW Bestune B70 model debuted in 2020, turning from a sedan into a liftback. Last year, the five-door reached Russia, and in China it was updated in the same 2023. By the way, the transformed car was announced as the next generation, although it is still a restyling. So now such a liftback has been announced for our market: sales in the Russian Federation will start in the summer.

Updated FAW Bestune B70 1/3 < img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/4c478c64d12c3d603c3ea904d6198857.jpg" /> Updated FAW Bestune B70 2/3 Updated FAW Bestune B70 3/3

The Bestune B70 has been redesigned in appearance, it has been designed in a new corporate style, which has already been tried on by the Bestune T77 SUVs (but the pre-reform version is still available in Russia) and the Bestune T99, as well as the fresh Bestune T90 crossover and the Bestune M9 minivan. The five-door received a family radiator grille with horizontal shiny stripes. There are no more “Cadillac” optics: the liftback has narrow running lights, under them there are compact blocks of main headlights, and the rear lights are in the form of a single block. Finally, the B70 received a new Bestune brand logo.

Updated FAW Bestune B70

The Russian release notes that the FMA “cart” has been modified – in particular, thanks to this “the characteristics have improved pendants.” After restyling, the length of the Bestune B70 increased by 45 mm to 4855 mm. The remaining dimensions have not changed: width – 1840 mm, height – 1455 mm, wheelbase – 2800 mm. In China, the model is equipped with 18- or 19-inch wheels.

Updated FAW Bestune B70 1/2 Updated FAW Bestune B70 2/2

The interior still has a scoreboard, but the instrument panel and multimedia system screens were placed in a new housing. The separate climate control touch panel was removed, and instead there is a narrow touch strip under the central air deflectors. The tunnel also became different, in addition, a compact transmission selector appeared.

Pre-reform FAW Bestune B70 1/3 Pre-reform FAW Bestune B70 2/3 Pre-reform FAW Bestune B70 3/3

The contents of the version for Russia have not yet been announced. The FAW Bestune B70 is now available to the Chinese only with a top-end two-liter turbo engine producing 224 hp. (on the Russian pre-restyling liftback this engine produces 217 hp), which is paired with a classic six-speed automatic transmission. You can still buy the old B70 with a 160-horsepower 1.5 turbo engine and a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches.

More details about the updated liftback intended for the Russian Federation will appear closer to the start date of sales. The pre-reform five-door price now costs 2,450,000 – 2,901,000 rubles (excluding shares).


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