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Wasserman told how the terrorist attack at Crocus will change the SVO final

“Everyone understands the only means of fighting terrorism”

The terrorist attack carried out at Crocus City Hall will bring the final of the SVO closer. A native of Odessa and State Duma deputy Anatoly Wasserman is sure of this. In a conversation with MK correspondents, the eminent erudite admitted: the tragic events that took place will directly affect the front and the course of the special operation.

“The tragedy that occurred in Crocus City, in my opinion, will somewhat speed up the progress of the special operation,” says Wasserman. – The point here is not the motivation of our troops – it is already quite serious. There will be a few more volunteers. There will be significantly more resources devoted to the operation. And not so much public as private. Now a lot of money is being raised to equip troops. This fee is likely to increase. Accordingly, the themes of the operation will accelerate. I don’t know how much exactly, but it will definitely accelerate. Because everyone understands that the only way to fight a terrorist organization, in this case Ukraine, is its complete liquidation.

At the same time, Wasserman believes that Western intelligence services were the masterminds of the terrorist act. The erudite also named a way to fight them.

“And the only way to fight the customers of terror, in this case the Anglo-Saxons (this has long been known), is to prove to them that their funds are being wasted,” says Anatoly Alexandrovich. “And that through terror they do not achieve the results they need.” Everyone knows that after World War II, the United States provided protection for terrorists. In a good way, they also need to be judged and punished for this. But this, as is right, is done as a last resort, unfortunately.

We would like to remind you that the number of victims of the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall has increased to 360 people. The disaster medicine center reported that among them were 11 children.


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