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The expert explained on what days spammers are active

MOSCOW, March 30 More than 80% of Russians regularly face unwanted calls or messages, while the activity of spammers increases towards the end of the work week, and on weekends and holidays, on the contrary, it decreases , said Alexey Boyarnikov, head of Megafon’s anti-fraud support department.
“More than 80% of Russians regularly encounter unwanted calls or messages… Spammer activity may increase towards the end of the week, especially on Thursday and Friday, while on weekends and holidays it, on the contrary, decreases,” Boyarnikov said.

The expert spoke about the main rule for protecting against spam: do not leave your personal data and phone number on unverified and unknown resources; when registering in loyalty programs and placing advertisements in the public domain, it is better to use an auxiliary number.

He added that artificial intelligence is now helping operators combat advertising calls – as an alternative to total blocking, voice assistants are used that talk to scammers instead of real users.
According to Boyarnikov, users should take a proactive position. Thus, feedback from subscribers about receiving fraudulent and advertising calls helps improve protection mechanisms and complement models for identifying unwanted calls.
In addition, subscribers can report annoying communications to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia; authorization is not required for this; it is enough to submit information on the agency’s website.


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