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A new method for rapid diagnosis of periodontitis will be patented in Samara

SAMARA, March 26 Scientists from Samara Korolev University, together with colleagues from Samara State Medical University (SamSMU), will patent a method for laser diagnostics of periodontitis, which allows identifying the disease in a few seconds, the press service told reporters Samara University.

“Scientists from Samara University named after Korolev and Samara State Medical University have filed a patent application for a method of laser express diagnostics of periodontitis they jointly developed. This dental disease can be detected with high accuracy in a matter of seconds, without the traditional X-rays and tests in such cases. The doctor will simply shine a laser connected to a spectrograph on a suspicious tooth, then using a connected laptop and a special software package <…> The composition of the tooth enamel is analyzed, deviations from the norm are automatically detected and a diagnosis is issued – whether there are periodontal changes or not,” says the Samara University.

The diagnostic method has already been thoroughly developed and has undergone experimental tests on patients in Samara dental clinics, noted Elena Timchenko, associate professor of the department of laser and biotechnical systems at Samara University. Studies have shown that with periodontitis or the risk of its development, the content and ratio of certain substances in the tooth enamel changes. The technique proposed by Samara scientists allows you to quickly determine the concentration of substances and automatically determine whether a tooth is sick or not.

The university noted that, in addition to diagnosing an existing disease, using this technique it is possible to predict the likelihood of the imminent occurrence of periodontitis based on spectral changes in the composition of tooth enamel.
Periodontitis is a common disease. Samara University reported that in the age group from 35 to 44 years, this pathology occurs in more than 80% of Russians who seek dental care. This inflammatory disease affects almost all tissues surrounding the tooth, including those that connect the tooth to the jawbone. In the earliest stages, periodontitis can occur without symptoms or have signs characteristic of other diseases.


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