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The best book releases 2024: what not to miss in the spring

MOSCOW , March 13, Anastasia SilkinaRecently in Russia, as well as throughout the world, the latest novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “See You in August,” was published. Spring is generally a traditional time for new books. About what to read – from Karelian horror to cats – in the material .

Discovered classic

“See you in August”reached readers ten years after the death of the author of the novels “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “Nobody Writes to the Colonel.” In the last years of his life, Marquez worked on a work that was supposed to combine several love stories. But his health did not allow him to complete the book, and he bequeathed not to publish it.

“”There is nothing that would prevent the reader from enjoying the favorite features of Gabo's prose: uncontrollable fantasy, poetic language, captivating narration, deep understanding of human nature and sympathy for the experiences and misadventures of a person – especially in love,” the AST publishing house quoted the words of the writer's sons, Rodrigo and Gonzalo García Barcha.
The novel takes place over several years on a small island in the Caribbean. The heroine of the book comes there every year, rents a room in a small hotel, goes to her mother’s grave during the day, and has fun in the hotel bar in the evenings. She is happily married, but every year on one August day she crosses the ferry to spend the night with a random lover.

Laugh and cry

“Hero from Friedrichstrasse station”by the German writer Maxim Leo – a touching and funny story about a reluctant swindler.

Michael Hartung is the owner of one of the last video rental stores in Berlin. One day a journalist comes to him and tells him that in the Stasi materials he found information about the escape of 127 people to Germany on a commuter train in July 1983. And it was Hartung, who in those years served as a switchman at the Friedrichstrasse station, who allegedly helped them in this. At first, Michael refuses, but the temptation to be considered a hero is great – and now he is ready to publicly confirm the veracity of this story.

Then Hartung meets Paula, who was on that very train, falls in love with her and realizes that he has fallen into his own trap.

Tickle your nerves

Horror “Forest”Svetlana Tyulbasheva will be forced to look around and turn on the lights. The book tells about two tourists from the capital, the coniferous forests of Karelia and ancient beliefs.


“The peculiarity of the novel is that everything here is not what it seems, and the real plan can be determined only by reading to the end,” noted the House of Stories publishing house. Adding that the book will appeal to fans of the series “Swamp”.

Based on the court drama “You Don't Know Me” a series of the same name was filmed. The author, Imran Mahmud, is a lawyer, so you can expect believability from his books.

A young guy is accused of killing a gang member. Eight pieces of evidence are brought against him, but he refuses the help of a lawyer and decides to tell his story himself. Its main judges will be the readers.

Non-fiction about space, cats and fears

In the book“First: A New History of Gagarin and the Space Race”Stephen Walker explores the period of rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States in space. The author analyzed archival data, turned to Roscosmos, and conducted interviews with experts and participants in the events.

The narrative is built around the personality of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. But the writer traces the fates of other heroes of space programs in the two countries, drawing parallels and analyzing their successes and defeats.

Cat lovers will be interested in the large-scale (more than 400 pages) study of tailed“From the Savannah to the Sofa: The Evolutionary History of Cats”by biologist Jonathan Losos.

The author deciphers scientific and historical mysteries and discovers how modern scientists are uncovering the secrets of felines' past and present using cutting-edge scientific technologies – from GPS tracking to genomics and forensic archaeology. And it shows how natural and artificial selection shaped the modern cat, which in a relatively short period of time has become the most successful and diverse biological species on the planet.
In the book “The Art of (Not) Being Afraid”child psychologist Ekaterina Murashova explores an important human adaptive reaction and explains why you shouldn’t protect your child from everything terrible.


The new series “Golden Collection of Soyuzmultfilm”. The publishing house “Malysh” has already released “How the Lion Cub and the Turtle Sang a Song”, “Uncle Styopa – a Policeman”, “Winter in Prostokvashino”. “The Royal Hares”, “The Town Musicians of Bremen”, “In the Footsteps of the Bremen People” and “The Flying Ship” will soon go on sale.

The layout of the series was prepared by Olga Bogolyubova, the production designer of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio, the Argus and Anima studios, and the Sergei Obraztsov Puppet Theater. she. — The selected frames were copied and manually re-outlined by the artists, accurately preserving all the expressiveness and techniques of the production designer of this cartoon. It takes two months of painstaking work to create 75 book illustrations.”

Eksmodetstvo has two new products:“Artists who glorified Russia”and “Writers who glorified Russia”.


"Books in the series "Great People of a Great Country" written on the basis of open and exclusive sources and reveal to young readers the fates of extraordinary, talented people who glorified Russia. Thanks to the participation of children, grandchildren, loved ones and relatives, the images of these outstanding people turned out to be authentic and alive,” said the general director of the Eksmo publishing house. Evgeniy Kapyev.


“The Wolf”by Sasha Stanisic – a novel about how thin the line is between being to be different from others and to be an outcast.

Jörg and Kemi become neighbors in a house in a camp in the wilderness. The withdrawn Jörg is laughed at and bullied by his classmates, and his neighbor silently watches the bullying, fearing that he too will become a victim. As the situation escalates, a wolf suddenly appears. Is this a nightmare or a call to show courage for yourself and others?


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