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Forthing T5 Evo on the Russian market will receive new exterior options and a different interior

Interior changes include a sand-colored interior trim that will complement the current black and red options.

The Forthing brand belongs to the Chinese concern Dongfeng, in the home market it is Fengxing, which literally translates as “popular”. It entered the Russian car market in 2023. Let us remind you that the importer, whose role is played by the company Ixen Motors Rus, is responsible for the sales of models of this Chinese brand. One of the models presented in Russia is the Forthing T5 Evo crossover; this year it will undergo several changes.

In the photo: current crossover Forthing T5 Evo for the Russian market

As reported by Ixen Motors Rus, the Forthing T5 Evo will have three appearance options. It is noted that the changes consist of “adjustments” to the bumpers, sills and radiator grille, while the body panels remain the same. In the first version, the so-called “classic”, the model is presented now – it has a large radiator grille with vertical lines in black and a neat air intake at the bottom of the front bumper.

In the photo: one of the new appearance options Forthing T5 Evo 1/2 In the photo: one of the new exterior options for Forthing T5 Evo 2/2

The second option has the same “grill”, but the exterior differs due to the enlarged splitter at the bottom of the front bumper, as well as contrasting accents – bright thin lines along the perimeter of the body. The third version has a different radiator grille – a modified shape and with a pattern of horizontal stripes, as well as modified bumpers. By the way, such a crossover made its debut on the domestic market at the end of last spring: it was announced as a special version with an addition, which translated from Chinese means Hurricane, that is, “hurricane.”

1/2 2/2

Also on the list of updates for 2024 for the Forthing T5 Evo crossover is an additional interior design option that will join the existing black and red versions. The new version has seats and door panels trimmed with sand-colored eco-leather. Such cars received redesigned seats with integrated headrests and side supports.

In the photo: the second new appearance option Forthing T5 Evo 1/3 Pictured: the second new appearance option for Forthing T5 Evo 2/3 In the photo: the second new version of the appearance of the Forthing T5 Evo 3/3

It also recently became known that the Forthing T5 Evo in Russia will have a modification with all-wheel drive. The model is produced at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. As reported earlier, the car received an all-wheel drive system with a multi-plate clutch with an automatic connection function. It is known that the development of this modification of the T5 Evo was entrusted to the state-owned company Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor.

In the photo: new interior version 1/3 In the photo: new version of the salon 2/3 In the photo: new version of the salon 3/3

Remember, at the core Forthing T5 Evo lies on the modular EMA platform. The overall length of the crossover is 4565 mm, width – 1860 mm, and height – 1690 mm; the distance between the axles is 2715 mm. The model is equipped with a 1.5-liter Mitsubishi 4A95TD turbo engine, its output is 197 hp, maximum torque is 285 Nm. It is paired with a seven-speed preselective robot from Magna.

The cost of all future versions, including the all-wheel drive version, will become known later. Judging by the current price list on the official website of Ixen Motors, the recommended retail price of the current Forthing T5 Evo variants (with front-wheel drive and classic design) varies from 3,080,000 to 3,850,000 rubles.


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