GENERICO.ruPoliticsZelensky has driven himself into a trap in the election situation, the Federation Council said

Zelensky has driven himself into a trap in the election situation, the Federation Council said

MOSCOW, April 1 Vladimir Zelensky fell into the trap that he himself created: if he holds the presidential elections in Ukraine now, he will lose them, otherwise he will become an illegal figure in the political arena, said the first deputy chairman of the international committee of the Federation Council, Vladimir Dzhabarov, on the air of “Russia-24”.
Presidential elections in Ukraine were supposed to take place on March 31, 2024, but were canceled due to martial law and general mobilization. Zelensky stated that the elections are now “not the right time,” emphasizing that this issue should be put to rest.

“It is clear that if Zelensky held elections now, he understands perfectly well that he would not have won anything at all. It is one thing to intimidate the population with repressions, arrests, persecutions, and another thing is to give the population the opportunity to enter the booth and vote in the presence of international observers. I think that he understands that the people simply would not have elected him or all the ballots would have been spoiled,” Dzhabarov said.

The senator noted that as soon as Zelensky’s official term of office expires, “he becomes a very convenient figure for his own sponsors.” “That is, at any moment they can change it – force them to hold early elections on different terms. And Zelensky will immediately lose all power. Therefore, he has now fallen into a trap that he created for himself: he does not hold elections – he is an illegal figure in the political arena, spends – he loses them miserably, and chaos will begin in the country. I think that Zelensky is entering a very difficult period of existence and the coming months, it seems to me, will confirm the correctness of my words,” the parliamentarian explained.


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