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“Another vision of the family”: why Trusova and Kondratyuk broke up

Alexandra Trusova for the first time announced the details of the breakup with Mark Kondratyuk . tells the full story of love and separation of one of the brightest young couples in figure skating.
They went through everything together. They must have been brought together by the Beijing Olympics, although it turned out differently for each. Mark became an Olympic champion as part of the team. His maximum program for the Games seemed to be completed, and he approached the personal tournament devastated, taking a modest 15th place. Sasha didn’t make the team, and until the end of the women’s singles, she was accumulating a charge of frustration and desire to prove that she could do everything—a triple Axel and five quadruple jumps.

The gold medal in this regard was not voiced out loud, but was, as it were, implied by default. Not getting what she wanted, but having done everything possible, Sasha experienced the greatest frustration of her life. For her, a test of loyalty to high ideals began.

At first it seemed that Mark had a lot in common with Kamila Valieva. They were friends even before Beijing, went to the skating rink together on December 31, and were photographed together several times in an informal setting. Then they were united by a team tournament and shared joyful experiences of a gold medal. And then, when all this was canceled by the doping scandal, Mark continued to humanly support Camila, understanding how difficult it was for her. But it was just friendship.

A romantic relationship between Sasha and Mark began in the spring of 2022. Mark took the initiative by inviting Sasha for a walk. Quite quickly the guys felt that they were on the same wavelength and they were very good together, despite the difference in characters and interests. After the Olympics, both were beset by health problems, and they, like no one else, could feel what it was like. Trusova and Kondratyuk also went through the inevitable crisis of motivation after the Olympic season, aggravated by the removal of the Russian national team from competitions.

Mark showed Sasha her other side – not a fighter or a rocket, but a sweet, gentle girl. Sasha wanted him to continue competing with all her heart.
Their romance influenced Sasha’s career – it was in the group where Mark trains that Sasha left Eteri Tutberidze. With Svetlana Sokolovskaya, she tried to restart her career, try herself in a new environment with a different approach. And if not for back problems, this cooperation could have been very productive.
Printed by Tarasova The media began to actively promote the topic of relations between Trusova and Kondratyuk. The guys gave joint interviews, did not hide from the cameras, and Channel One even made this a reason for discussions and jokes live at competitions. When Mark was skating, Sasha was shown on the screen almost more often than his coach. At first they thought it was funny, but at some point the lack of personal space began to bother them.

< br>The guys trained together and performed in shows. They started living together, went on vacation and generally spent all their time together. But if Mark still continued to compete, Sasha could not help but feel that all this was happening as if not to her and not seriously. One of the greatest figure skaters in history seemed to continue to live her past life in new scenery. By inertia, not understanding what she herself wants. And when I stopped, thought about it and understood, it turned out that she and Mark wanted fundamentally different things in terms of building a family. And since it was not possible to come to an agreement, and Mark no longer wanted to play a compromise, he suggested breaking up.

Parting is always painful. Sasha admitted in an interview with Okko: it took her three months to come to her senses. It must have been hard for Mark too, but at least he remained within the framework of his usual life. Sasha had to leave Sokolovskaya’s group. In addition, rumors about a breakup spread quite quickly, which Tatyana Tarasova imprinted with an unsolicited fact right in the broadcast of the test skates. The left party always feels more vulnerable in such situations. To cope with her worries, Sasha distracted herself with new projects and significantly expanded her media work.

Novels that take place in the public eye are doomed to be discussed, even if it concerns very young children. At the start of the relationship, Mark was 18 years old and Sasha was 17 years old. So, to draw a line under the story of this particular story, I would like to say thank you for this! The love of the very different and talented Mark and Sasha brightened up our gray everyday life in the difficult post-Olympic time. She helped them change, grow up and take a step towards true happiness. There is no doubt that it will definitely happen.


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