GENERICO.ruCrimeAn “ethnic gang” that beat a SVO member until he lost consciousness was detained

An “ethnic gang” that beat a SVO member until he lost consciousness was detained

An 'ethnic gang' that beat a SVO member until he lost consciousness has been detained Injured SVO member. Photo: Social networks.

Two suspects were detained in the Yaroslavl region for beating a SVO member until he lost consciousness. This was reported by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Yaroslavl region. The suspects turned out to be young men 19 and 23 years old. After the arrest, they immediately began to apologize.

One of the detainees explained his actions by saying that he was simply drunk. The second also said that what he and his friend did was wrong and apologized to the victim's family. However, an apology is unlikely to help detainees avoid criminal punishment. It wasn't just a fight. The SVO participant was beaten for a long time, even when he had already lost consciousness and could not resist.

Previously, "MK in Yaroslavl" reported that a veteran of the Northern Military District was returning with his wife from a birthday party and on the way he saw that the newcomers were beating some person. He tried to intercede, but ended up beaten himself, and the wife of the SVO participant was also injured, who was afraid for her husband, who had suffered two wounds, and tried to stop the aggressors.

The woman later said that the attackers beat her husband every time he regained consciousness . He fell again and hit his head on the asphalt. After this, the young people also beat a passerby who came up to the screams, and broke his phone.

The injured SVO member ended up in the hospital and now can hardly walk.


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