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Russia's most unusual orchestra will perform by candlelight in the Tsereteli Gallery

MOSCOW, April 21. The Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery will host a concert by the Imperialis Orchestra, which is called the most unusual group in Russia. The musicians will perform in original arrangements the best works of the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, the author of melodies from the cult films “1+1”, “Land of Nomads”, “Black Swan”, “Mommy”. The performance will take place in a special atmosphere – with a hundred candles.
Imperialis Orchestra was created in 2015. His repertoire includes works of different genres: classical, rock and pop music, jazz.
“”Our orchestra is called the most unusual in the country. Our slogan is “we surprise with music” and “an orchestra for all times,” said the founder of the group, artistic director and soloist Taras Gusarov (saxophone).
According to him According to him, the uniqueness of the Imperialis Orchestra is not only its polyphony

< br />“Many groups perform different kinds of genres. But we delve into each genre so much as to show it authentically, stylishly, with high quality, and not as a parody of rock or classics. Education allows us to do this,” explained the musician. “We perform on stage sometimes amazing things. For example, I ride a Segway and play the saxophone at the same time, this causes mad delight among the public.”

The Imperialis Orchestra consists of professional performers – soloists, graduates of the Russian Academy of Music. . Gnessins and the Moscow Conservatory. P.I. Tchaikovsky. Over the nine years of its existence, the group has performed more than 1,500 concerts at various venues in Russia.


"The Tsereteli Gallery has incredible magical powers. This huge atrium with amazing acoustics, sculptures by Zurab Konstantinovich, which simply drive you crazy with their crazy energy and scale. They very powerfully enhance the emotional perception of our listeners,” noted Taras Gusarov.

The orchestra already has its own audience, which, as the artistic director of the group said, “comes not to the site, not to the program, but to us.” “These are people who know that we will definitely come up with something new, we will somehow surprise again. There are listeners who love some of our individual programs. The orchestra has a large number of them: this is Parisian music, this is New York, pop and rock hits in our own arrangements. I am also a composer, and we periodically perform tunes from my first album as part of the neoclassical program,” said Taras.

< br />Imperialis Orchestra also performed abroad. “Now it’s quite difficult, and it’s not necessary. Russia is such a big country. You learn about this, unfortunately, only when you don’t have the opportunity to travel abroad. We would like to perform in every city of every region, this is one of ours that is not yet complete dreams come true. In May we will fly to the Far East with a program of Russian symphonic rock hits,” the musician noted.


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