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The “Breakwater” system saved an SUV with soldiers from a raid by Ukrainian drones

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MOSCOW, April 21 An SUV with Russian military personnel, equipped with the Volnorez electronic warfare system, was able to escape from Ukrainian kamikaze drones that flew at it one after another others, but fell without reaching the goal, said the developer of the complex.

“There was an FPV raid on a group of our soldiers. They had a “Breakwater” on their car. — all the fighters crowded into one car, and literally as soon as they pressed the gas, about half a minute later, a drone fell 50 meters from them, then another, and then another. So they drove, and the enemy FPV drones, no matter how hard they tried, could not catch up with them. All of them could have died, the car was unarmored, an ordinary SUV, but they were saved,” he said.

The Volnorez electronic warfare system was first presented at military-technical forum “Army-2023”. It looks like a cone, 484 millimeters long and weighing 13 kilograms. Using magnetic Velcro, the system is installed on any military (tanks, armored personnel carriers, boats, etc.) and civilian equipment.

The key feature of the complex is called its modularity – the frequencies that are needed for suppression of FPV drones on a specific section of the front in real time. Breakwater operators install new cones on their vehicles, thereby modifying the electronic warfare system for specific current threats.


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