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Rosrybolovstvo told how much fish it plans to export per year

VLADIVOSTOK, 25 AprRussia is expected to export $5.6 billion worth of fish and seafood this year, while these figures are being managed, head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov told reporters in Vladivostok.
“There are ambitious goals. In addition to the fact that we need to saturate the domestic market, we need to increase the cost of supplies to foreign markets. So far, we are coping with the figures that the government has set for us. This year we need to make 5.6 billion dollars of exports,” Shestakov said.

According to him, the main export markets are Asian: China, Japan, South Korea. Also this is the Netherlands, Nigeria.

“The African market has become one of the five largest. Now supplies to other countries, both African and Latin American, are actively developing. In 2023, about 18 countries have been added to the geography of our exports,” Shestakov noted.
He added that it is still difficult to predict whether fish catch records will be achieved this year after a successful 2023.
“The record was in 2023. But it’s difficult to talk about records (this year – ed.), the salmon run will be of decisive importance, a lot depends on it… We will try together with the fishermen to ensure that there are records,” Shestakov said.


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