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Russia plans to launch at least four Protons by the end of 2025

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MOSCOW, April 23The manufacturer of the Proton-M heavy class rockets, the Khrunichev Center, plans to launch at least four such launch vehicles with various payloads into orbit by the end of 2025, Alexey Varochko, general director of the Khrunichev Center, said in an interview.
“Today, we plan to carry out at least four federal and commercial launches of Proton-M launch vehicles by the end of 2025,” Varochko said.

It was previously reported that Proton launches would be stopped after 2025. However, according to Varochko, the Khrunichev Center and Roscosmos sent proposals to their Kazakh partners to continue launches after this date.

A total of 10 missiles are in various stages of readiness, added the general director of the enterprise.
Proton was originally created on the basis of the UR-500 intercontinental ballistic missile. Subsequently, the rocket was equipped with a third stage and upgraded to the Proton-K level. The latest version of the Proton-M rocket is currently in operation. In total, from 1965 to 2023, more than 400 launches of missiles of this series were carried out.


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