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European journalists told how materials are blocked in Western media

MELITOPOL, April 28 Journalists from Italy and Finland spoke about how European media block information from new regions of Russia.
According to Italian journalist Andrea Lucidi, Western state channels do not want to publish materials from new regions of Russia, and journalists working there are called Russian propagandists.

“Currently there is practically no truthful information about SVO in the European media, because all journalists, correspondents who work for state channels are in Ukraine, and the Italian state channel, for example, does not want material that is from Russia, from the new territories of Russia, my material is also not needed, for example, colleagues said that if you are there, if you work in a new territory, or also work in Russia, it is because you are a Russian propagandist,” Lucidi said.

In turn, Finnish journalist Kosti Heiskanen notes that the situation in Finland is especially difficult, where at the state level there is no desire to convey truthful information about Ukraine as a whole.
“Everyone lies endlessly. You simply cannot convey true or alternative information, they shut you up, they ban you,” Heiskanen said.
“It would seem that democracy should be told from this side, from that side, but no,” he emphasized.


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