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Trump called Kennedy Jr. a Democratic decoy

WASHINGTON, Apr 27 Independent candidate in the upcoming US presidential election Robert Kennedy Jr. is a “decoy” for the Democratic Party, created to ensure the re-election of Joe Biden for a second term as head of state, former American leader Donald Trump said. “Robert Kennedy Jr. is a Democratic decoy, a radical left-wing liberal who was installed to help re-elect crooked Joe Biden, the worst President in the history of the United States,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

According to the ex-president, every vote cast for Kennedy Jr. in the November vote will be “wasted.”

An April NBC poll showed that the participation of independent candidates in the presidential election hurts Republican Donald Trump more than Democrat Joe Biden.
So, when choosing from two candidates, ex-President Trump is ahead of the current head of state Biden by two percentage points – 46% versus 44%, but the favorite changes if three more candidates who are not associated with the main parties enter the fight.
Biden in this case gains 39%, Trump – 37%, Democratic breakaway Robert Kennedy Jr. – 13%, Green Party leader Jill Stein – 3% and another independent candidate Cornel West – 2%.
The next US presidential elections will be held on November 5, 2024. The main rivals in the election race are the current head of state, Democrat Joe Biden, as well as the former American leader, Republican Donald Trump. Both candidates have already received enough delegate votes based on the results of the preliminary voting for the nomination from their parties, and almost all of their rivals have announced their withdrawal from the race.


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