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Special operation, April 28: Novobakhmutovka liberated, threats to the Crimean Bridge

MOSCOW, April 28 Units of the Center group of troops took control of the settlement of Novobakhmutovka in the DPR, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on Sunday .
Over the past 24 hours, units of the “West” and “East” groupings of troops occupied more advantageous positions, and “South” improved its position along the front line.

Air defense systems shot down 5 Ukrainian ATACMS missiles and 46 drones.

The total enemy losses on all sectors of the front per day amounted to 1,145 soldiers, 5 tanks and other armored vehicles, 22 artillery pieces and 36 military vehicles.
What is happening in the Northern Military District zone has a negative impact on the spirit of the Ukrainian troops. As Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President, said in an interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin, panic is growing on the Ukrainian side at the fronts; it is important for the Russian Federation not to stop and maintain this momentum.
Peskov stressed that the state of affairs shows that Russia will win in a special military operation. At the same time, he called the situation when Kyiv does not hesitate to “throw new thousands and thousands of people into the furnace of this war” a tragedy for the people of Ukraine.

Threat to the Crimean Bridge

Lithuanian Ambassador to Sweden, former head of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, Linas Linkevicius published a post on the social network X with a hint of an impending strike on the Crimean Bridge .

The diplomat published a collage with an image of the bridge and a photograph of the rocket launch. He accompanied the images with the inscription: “If someone has not yet had the opportunity to take a photo on the Crimean Bridge, there is still time.”
The first deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, reacted to this, saying that now “the servile Baltic American lapdogs… are barking furiously, but they will whine pitifully later, when the day of judgment comes, and they will regret all such missteps.”

Ukrainian strikes on the Russian Federation

Russian air defense systems on Sunday night repelled another attack by Ukrainian Armed Forces drones on Russian territory. A total of 17 UAVs were shot down: 9 over the Bryansk region, 3 each over Kursk and Kaluga, and 2 over Belgorod.

At the same time, the governor of the Kaluga region, Vladislav Shapsha, denied in his Telegram channel messages on social networks, according to which, as a result of a drone attack, a gasoline tank exploded on the territory of an oil depot in Lyudinovo.

According to the head of the region, only the outer lining of the tank was damaged as a result of falling UAV debris. There was no destruction or fire at the crash site.
The Kaluga governor reported that the drones were shot down in the area of ​​the Lyudinovo oil depot, there were no casualties or destruction

Western support for Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky raised demands on Western countries for supply of Patriot air defense systems. He stated in his Telegram channel that Ukraine needs at least 7 Patriot air defense systems, while a month ago he demanded 5 such systems.
He noted that the initiative to search and supply Patriots, which “partners have,” should work “as quickly as possible.”


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