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The expert told how the wine market in Russia will change from May 1

MOSCOW, April 28Excise tax rates on wine in Russia will increase from May 1 – against this background, prices for imported alcohol may rise significantly, and the competitiveness of domestic products will increase, said Alexander Stavtsev, head of the WineRetail information center.

The excise tax rate on Russian sparkling wines from On May 1, it will increase from 45 rubles per liter to 119 rubles, for imported goods – to 141 rubles. At the same time, the excise tax on still wines increases from 34 rubles to 108 rubles.

“The increase in prices for imported products will be quite significant. For example, we believed that the price for a bottle of Georgian wine, for which the duty is zero, could rise somewhere in the region of 100-150 retail rubles. It will affect everyone – and friendly countries, of course. The excise tax is a single story,” Stavtsev noted.

According to him, the law signed by the president at the end of April implies a return of the excise tax rate to winemakers, and an important innovation is that it is returned not only “for the full cycle,” but also for bulk wine purchased in Russia, if the origin is reflected.
“”We are now diligently clearing the market of imported wine in the category up to 500 rubles. This clearing has already practically taken place, now some remnants are being sold. This means that these wines will be washed out of the market sooner or later. The excise tax raises the bar for the competitiveness of Russian wine somewhere up to the level of 700 rubles,” the expert said.
Stavtsev added that in the category up to 700 rubles it will be more difficult for even wines from Chile and Georgia to compete with Russia.
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