GENERICO.ruScienceScientists have unearthed a 1,000-year-old turtle

Scientists have unearthed a 1,000-year-old turtle

The find was discovered in the Bayon Temple

Scientists from the National Apsara Administration found a sculpture of a turtle in the ancient Bayon Temple, which is located in the center of Angkor Thom in Cambodia, Phnom Penh Post reports.

The find was discovered in the Bayon Temple

Turtles have inhabited our planet for more than 220 million years and, apparently, earlier in the temple, where 208 faces of Buddha have been monitoring the safety of the architectural monument for ten centuries, they revered the reptile, which in Buddhism embodies the earth that emerged from the primordial waters.

Archaeologists at the Bayon Temple, on the site where there once was a pond, discovered a statue of a turtle hidden at a depth of one and a half meters. The length of the sculpture was about sixty centimeters, and the width was 43. Scientists assure that thanks to the find, they will be able to learn more about the intricacies of ancient architecture, as well as discover new facets of the Khmer Empire.

“Many believed that There is nothing more to look for here, but our archaeological research has proven that in fact the Bayon Temple boasted not one, but two ponds on its eastern side. This requires a reassessment of the historical significance of these places,” archaeologist Long Kosal shared the fact.

Recall that Bayon is a temple complex built in the 12th century in honor of Jayavarman VII in the center of Angkor Thom in Cambodia. The exclusivity of the architectural miracle lies in the fact that the temple is one of the last monuments, which is made in the style of Khmer architecture. Thus, its decor tells the story of the daily life of the Khmers, while more than 50 towers are decorated with sculptures in the form of the face of Buddha.


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