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Global wine consumption falls to lowest level since 1996

MOSCOW, May 1. Wine consumption in the world last year fell to its lowest level since 1996, Russia was seventh in this indicator, follows from an analysis of data from the International Organization of Viticulture and winemaking.
In total, 22.1 billion liters of wine were drunk in the world in 2023, compared to 22.7 billion the year before. Among the main reasons for the decline are a serious decline in consumption in China and the energy crisis, which caused a significant rise in the price of wine in most countries.

More All wine was drunk last year in the United States, although consumption there too decreased by three percent – to 3.3 billion liters. Next come the French – 2.4 billion liters of wine versus 2.5 billion a year earlier. Italy closes the top three, where they drank 2.5 percent less than in 2022 – 2.2 billion liters.

In fourth place are Germany (down 1.6 percent, to 1.9 billion liters) and Great Britain (minus 2.9 percent, 1.3 billion liters). Spain, in sixth place, was one of the countries where wine consumption increased – by 1.7 percent, to one billion liters.
Russians also began to drink more wine – by three percent, and in total – 860 million liters. Thus, consumption returned to pre-COVID levels of 2019, and our country became seventh in terms of this indicator.
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Argentines reduced their wine consumption by 6.2 percent, to 780 million liters. In China, consumption fell by 25 percent over the year, and since 2018 – by 2.6 times, to 680 million liters. Portugal closed the top ten, where they also began to drink less wine – by 9.2 percent, 550 million liters.
Among other large consumers, the rate increased in Romania (by 20.1 percent), Brazil (by 11.6 percent) and Japan (by 2.1 percent).
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