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Peace, labor, minimum wage: a bill has been prepared to increase the “minimum wage” to 30 thousand

The result of the undertaking will most likely be limited to beautiful symbolism

A good deed is the word “minimum wage” wouldn't call it. In principle, the content of the concept still fully corresponds to the dissonant form: no matter how much the minimum wage is increased, it is still very difficult to live on it. But the Duma liberal democrats clearly intend to make the word, which has set a bitter teeth on edge, shine again: the faction announced that it has developed a bill to increase the “minimum wage” more than one and a half times – up to 30 thousand rubles per month.

Beautiful symbolism will most likely limit the result of the endeavor

“Labor in Russia, unfortunately, is still undervalued,” Yaroslav Nilov, a member of the Duma faction of the LDPR, head of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, explains the initiative in his Telegram channel. “Our people know how to work – quickly, efficiently and high quality – but the financing of such work leaves much to be desired.

At the same time, at least five million state employees receive income at the level of the minimum wage, which, in turn, does not always keep up with the realities of life… It is symbolic on the Day. Spring and Labor to report on preparations for the submission to the State Duma of a factional bill providing for fixing the minimum wage at 30 thousand rubles.”

The arguments, needless to say, are ironclad. For reference: the last time the minimum wage in Russia increased was on January 1 of this year. Today its size is 19,242 rubles. There is no doubt that the minimum wage lags far behind the “realities of life.” And even more – from the similar indicator of those powers with which we are fighting today both visible and invisible, ideological battle.

As for, for example, the countries of the European Union, then, according to Eurostat, the smallest “minimum wage” there today is in Bulgaria – 477.04 euros per month (at the current exchange rate – 46,763 rubles). In Latvia, the minimum acceptable salary is 700 euros per month (68,619 rubles), in Estonia – 820 euros (80,382 rubles), in Lithuania – 924 euros (90,577 rubles), in Spain – 1,323 euros (129,690 rubles) , in Germany 2,054 euros (201,347 rubles).

Well, the podium according to the intermediate results of this permanent all-European “cap competition” is occupied by the Netherlands (2,070 euros, 202,916 rubles), Ireland (2,146 euros, 210,366 rubles) and Luxembourg (2,571 euros, 252,027 rubles).

It is somewhat consoling, however, that income taxes there are usually much higher. But this consolation is weak, since on the amount of income that we define as the minimum wage and on which, according to Deputy Nilov, many millions of Russian workers live, taxes are not levied at all in most EU countries. In the decaying “Geyropa” this is considered the level of absolute poverty.

In general, they decompose normally this way. However, our authorities and our television propagandists, as you know, prefer to compare Russia not with Luxembourg, but with Ukraine. This background is, of course, more advantageous in many respects. But not as far as the “minimum wage” is concerned.

Here we are almost neck and neck: from April 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Ukraine is 8 thousand hryvnia (18,480 rubles). And if exchange rate fluctuations are unfavorable for the domestic currency, we can easily find ourselves in the role of catching up. Which, by the way, has happened not so rarely in recent years.

In short, the bill presented by Nilov cannot be called out of touch with life. There is certainly cause for concern. And the symbolism is also evident: it is truly difficult to find a more suitable moment for such an announcement. Peace, labor, minimum wage…

But beautiful symbolism – the evil tongues of competitors will probably call this PR – the result of the undertaking will most likely be limited. For no matter how the minimum wage lags behind the “realities of life”, the country’s budget lags behind them even more today.


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