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A Volgograd resident sentenced to 25 years in prison, who killed an acquaintance and ate his heart, left the colony for the war in Ukraine

Volgograd cannibal Dmitry Malyshev, sentenced to 25 years in prison, left the colony for the war in Ukraine. V1.RU writes about this.

As the publication reports, Malyshev has been participating in the Russian invasion of Ukraine for several months now – in February he was wounded. A Volgograd resident was recruited to participate in hostilities in the fall of 2023.

On Odnoklassniki, a man regularly publishes photographs in uniform and with weapons – in one of them he hugs Volzhsky resident Alexander Maslennikov, previously convicted of murder and rape , robbery and robbery.

In a conversation with V1.RU, Malyshev said that he went to war out of personal convictions – “in the name of preserving the traditional values ​​of Russia.” He also confirmed that he met the convicted Maslennikov at the front.

“Alexander and I sat together and together signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense in October 2023. We serve in “Storm V”. I knew people who came here from the colony just for a change of scenery. They usually disappear quickly. But I understood why I was going and where I was going. How would you react if your little daughter was told in elementary school how to put on a condom correctly? Or will men walk down the street and lick each other? Is this normal for you? It’s not normal for me,” the man said in a conversation.

According to Malyshev, he was wounded during the assault due to the arrival of a grenade. “My jaw is broken, there are shrapnel in my knee and left arm, my left membrane has burst,” he added.

In May 2015, the Volgograd Regional Court sentenced Malyshev to 25 years in prison: the first ten years he had to spend the rest of the term in a maximum security colony.

The Volgograd resident was found guilty of murder, preparing to steal a carI, illegal acquisition of weapons, as well as attempted murder and theft of weapons. In addition to these articles, the Volgograd resident was charged with banditry, however he was acquitted of this charge.

According to investigators, Malyshev, together with two acquaintances, found a machine gun with cartridges and agreed to kill the police in order to take their weapons and ammunition for subsequent attacks. In addition, he killed his acquaintance from Tajikistan, who, according to the man, invited him to have sex.

As stated in the court decision, Malyshev hit his friend on the head four times with a nail puller, then cut out his heart with a knife and fried it in a frying pan. The man filmed what was happening. As V1.RU writes, when asked why the Volgograd resident fried the heart of a friend, Malyshev replied that he did not know. “You would have asked me 10 years ago when I was drunk. I don’t even understand drunk Dima when he’s sober,” the man said in a conversation with reporters.


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