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Lynx Motors announced powerful electric mods based on the DeLorean DMC-12 and Ford GT

A young company from Austin (USA, Texas) wants to make money by electrifying classic cars, its debut models will be the Lynx DMC- EV and Lynx GT1e based on the DeLorean DMC-12 and the first generation Ford GT, respectively.

The official revival of DeLorean has stalled: the company that owns the rights to the brand, DeLorean Motor Company from San Antonio (USA, Texas), which promised new models, has not published news since 2022. The company DNG Motors, the daughter of John Zachary DeLorean, has also not yet entered the market with its sports cars in the style of the classic DeLorean DMC-12. Now Lynx Motors has presented its own reimagining of the DeLorean DMC-12 and plans to release 100 electric mods based on this classic sports car of the early 1980s, made famous by Robert Zemeckis's science-fiction film trilogy “Back to the Future”.

Lynx DMC-EV 1/3 Lynx DMC-EV 2/3 Lynx DMC-EV 3/3

To manufacture the Lynx DMC-EV, a donor stainless steel body is required, all technical components will be new. The body will retain its original proportions and lifting gullwing doors, but will receive a new front and rear design, as well as full diode lighting.


The interior of the Lynx DMC-EV will be completely redesigned: the old-fashioned stock front panel will give way to a giant full-width scoreboard interior, the new steering wheel will integrate LED indicators and its own small display, and a shelf with wireless charging for a smartphone will appear on the central tunnel.


The power plant of the Lynx DMC-EV will consist of four motor-wheels from the Slovenian company Elaphe, their power has not yet been disclosed. A battery with a capacity of 70 kWh will be supplied by CATL; its full charge should be enough for approximately 400 km. The Lynx DMC-EV can accelerate to 60 mph (96.56 km/h) in 4 seconds. No other technical details yet.

Lynx GT1e

The Lynx GT1e, based on the first-generation Ford GT, which was produced from 2004 to 2006, promises truly outrageous technical characteristics: four Elaphe electric motors are located inside the body, they produce a total of 2433 hp. and will be able to provide acceleration to 60 mph in 1.5 seconds, with an estimated maximum speed of 515 km/h! The battery with a flow cooling system for the Lynx GT1e will be supplied by the Californian startup Amprius, its capacity is 100 kWh, the range on one charge is about 400 km.

Lynx GT1e 1/5 Lynx GT1e 2/5 Lynx GT1e 3/5 Lynx GT1e 4/5 Lynx GT1e 5/5

The chassis and external tail of the body for the Lynx GT1e were purchased from Matech Concepts – this Swiss company was engaged in the construction of racing versions of the first generation Ford GT. The interior will be completely redesigned and equipped with two screens (instrument and multimedia); there are no images of it yet. Lynx Motors promises that each customer of the GT1e supercar will have the opportunity to order an individual paint design for the body from Camilo Pardo, the designer of the original first-generation Ford GT. The Lynx GT1e will be limited to only 27 units.

Prices for the Lynx DMC-EV and Lynx GT1e have not yet been made public, as well as the production start date.


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