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The electric crossover Cadillac Optiq enters the market: cheaper than other “Chinese” ones!

The Cadillac Optiq premiered last week at the Beijing Motor Show, where sales started. At the moment, the Optiq is offered in single-engine front-wheel drive and dual-engine all-wheel drive versions, both of which have rather modest power by the standards of the premium segment.

Cadillac Optiq surfaced in the electronic database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry back in July last year, the official announcement from GM followed in November and only last April the car was shown to the general public in Beijing. What is the reason for such a long launch is not very clear, because in technical terms, the Cadillac Optiq is completely identical to the Buick Electra E5 crossover, which has been produced at the SAIC-GM plant in Wuhan since the beginning of last year, and the Optiq is also registered here.

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The Optiq becomes the fourth model in the family of electric Cadillacs on the Ultium platform, which already includes the large 5-passenger Lyriq crossover, the luxurious Celestiq liftback and the flagship three-row Escalade IQ crossover. The Optiq is positioned as a compact crossover, although in key dimensions it is quite similar to a mid-size one: overall length – 4822 mm, width – 1912 mm, height – 1644 mm, wheelbase – 2954 mm. The front suspension is McPherson type, the rear is independent multi-link, standard equipment includes adaptive shock absorbers.

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The Optiq's interior sports a panoramic 33-inch display that combines the instrument and multimedia screens, but overall by Chinese standards it looks old-fashioned – there are too many small buttons. The basic package includes a 1000-watt AKG audio system and a panoramic glass roof. Trunk volume – 441 l, with the backrests of the rear sofa folded – 1362 l.

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The basic single-engine front-wheel drive Optiq costs in China from 239,700 yuan (3.04 million rubles in current exchange rates), its electric motor produces 180 kW (245 hp) and 330 Nm, battery capacity is 68.4 kWh, The range on one charge is 536 km according to the CLTC cycle. The single-engine crossover with a curb weight of 2130 kg accelerates to 100 km/h in 7 seconds, with a top speed of 180 km/h.

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The two-engine all-wheel drive Optiq costs from 269,700 yuan (3.42 million rubles), the maximum total output of its power plant is 211 kW (287 hp) and 465 Nm, battery capacity is 79.7 kWh, power reserve on one charging – 600 km. The curb weight of the twin-engine crossover is 2300 kg, it reaches the first “hundred” in 5.97 seconds, and the maximum speed is 180 km/h.

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Given the premium status of the Cadillac brand, the Optiq crossover has quite attractive prices, but it is less powerful than its main Chinese competitors – for example, the Nio EC6 crossover with a 490-horsepower dual-engine power plant, but for the Nio EC6 you need to pay at least 358,000 yuan (4.54 million rubles).

By the end of the year, the Cadillac Optiq should reach its historical homeland, that is, the USA. Cadillac's fifth electric model will be the large three-row crossover Vistiq, which is also expected to premiere this year.


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