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Gotham and the Dark Knight – special versions of Pininfarina supercars in the Batman style

The Italian company Automobili Pininfarina, in the absence of new models, produces special versions of existing ones: electric supercars B95 and Battista are now available in Gotham and Dark Knight versions , they were created in partnership with Warner Bros., which owns the rights to the fabulous superhero Batman and all related characters.

The automobile manufacturing company Automobili Pininfarina spun off from the Italian design studio of the same name in 2018; the studio itself has been owned by the Indian company Mahindra & Mahindra. The first Automobili Pininfarina model was the Battista electric supercar, created in collaboration with the Croatian company Rimac, its production began in 2022. Last year, the Pininfarina B95 spider debuted, which is essentially a roofless version of the Battista. Pininfarina has no other models of its own yet, but the B95 and Battista are presented this week in Gotham and Dark Knight Batman liveries.

Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight 1/2 Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight 2/2

Over his long history, Batman has driven a huge number of cars specially created for him on movie screens and on the pages of comic books, but the special versions of the Pininfarina B95 and Battista were created, in essence, not for him, but for clients of the Italian brand who appreciate the aesthetics of the world of Batman. Perhaps Warner Bros. and will let Batman drive these wonderful Italian supercars, but the press release says nothing about this – at the moment this is a purely commercial collaboration for lovers of expensive exclusives.

Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight 1/4 Pin infarina Battista Dark Knight 2/4 Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight 3/4 Pininfarina Battista Dark Knight 4/4

The Gotham and Dark Knight versions differ from each other in color design . The Gotham-liveried supercars feature an Argento Vittorio gray base color and black and brown leather interiors. Dark Knight supercars are finished in Nero Profondo black and blue and feature an all-black leather interior with yellow stitching.

Pininfarina B95 Gotham 1/5 Pininfarina B95 Gotham 2/5 Pininfarina B95 Gotham 3/5 Pininfarina B95 Gotham 4/5 Pininfarina B95 Gotham 5/5

The decor of both special versions uses the logos of Wayne Enterprises, the company of businessman Bruce Wayne, who, in fact, is Batman, aka the Dark Knight, aka Man-Bat. Gotham is, recall, a fictional city in which Batman lives and fights crime. Batman has a devoted butler, Alfred Pennyworth, the keeper of the superhero's garage, and his voice is narrated by the voice assistant of Pininfarina supercars. Battista, in connection with the Batman special versions, received a modified bat-style aerodynamic tail, slightly increasing downforce at high speeds.

Pininfarina B95 Dark Knight 1/5 Pininfarina B95 Dark Knight 2/5 Pininfarina B95 Dark Knight 3/5 Pininfarina B95 Dark Knight 4/5 Pininfarina B95 Dark Knight 5/5

The power plant of both models is standard: four electric motors (one per wheel) produce a total of 1900 hp. and 2300 Nm, acceleration to 100 km/h takes less than 2 seconds, a full charge of a battery with a capacity of 120 kWh is enough for 500 km in the WLTP cycle.

Pininfarina Battista Gotham 1/6 Pininfarina Battista Gotham 2/6 Pininfarina Battista Gotham 3/6 Pininfarina Battista Gotham 4/6 Pininfarina Battista Gotham 5/6 Pininfarina Battista Gotham 6/6

Automobili Pininfarina will release only four Batman supercars, two of them are the B95 in the Gotham and Dark Knight versions, two more are the Battista in the Gotham and Dark Knight versions Dark Knight, their prices have not been announced, but it is clear that they, like the prices of the original models, are in the millions of dollars. A promotional video dedicated to Pininfarina's Batman supercars can be viewed on YouTube.


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