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The scientist spoke about the solar flare

MOSCOW, May 1. A flare of average magnitude close to the highest occurred on the Sun, but its location on the star will not allow solar matter to reach the Earth and cause magnetic storm, said Sergei Bogachev, head of the Solar Astronomy Laboratory of the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
“”A fairly large flare was recorded, which did not reach the highest score, but was very close to it. The event occurred at the very edge of the Sun (on the western limb), from where, in general, the impact on the Earth is very limited. The event must have an exceptional force to hit the Earth in such a position,” Bogachev said.
In addition, based on the available data, there was no ejection of mass towards the Earth after the flare, he added. Therefore, in the laboratory, the event that occurred was assigned a very low efficiency, less than 10%.

“We don’t expect consequences after it and, in general, confirm our forecast for a moderately calm holiday week,” Bagochev noted.


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