GENERICO.ruScienceRussia surprised with its response to American weapons in Ukraine, media write

Russia surprised with its response to American weapons in Ukraine, media write

MOSCOW, May 10. Russian armed forces are effectively interfering with American precision weapons in Ukraine using electronic warfare, writes Business Insider.
“Russian electronic warfare has created problems for some types of American precision weapons in Ukraine. <…> Surprisingly, both high-precision systems such as Excalibur and GMLRS, which can be fired from the US-supplied M777 and HIMARS howitzers, respectively, have decreased accuracy due to interference,” the material says.

It is noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces used American precision weapons such as HIMARS and Joint Direct Attack Munitions throughout all hostilities. However, the extensive use of Russian electronic warfare regularly reduces the effectiveness of these weapons, the author of the article explains.

“The Russian military has likely shown increased interest in using electronic warfare in combat, especially in the last year or so, as it is highly effective in countering US-supplied precision-guided weapons,” the publication concluded.
Last week Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Ukrainian troops are losing a thousand people every day due to demands from the United States and allies to contain the offensive at all costs. He noted that Ukraine had already lost more than 111 thousand soldiers in 2024, as well as 21 thousand units of weapons and military equipment.


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