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Two powerful impacts of solar plasma await the Earth, a scientist warned

MOSCOW, May 9. Plasma ejected after recent solar flares should reach the Earth on May 10 and 11, said Sergei Bogachev, head of the Solar Astronomy Laboratory at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
“A consolidated forecast has been formed for the geomagnetic consequences of yesterday's events on the Sun. According to observational data, a double ejection of plasma of exceptionally large size and extremely high speed was ejected towards the Earth. According to calculations, the Earth will eventually be struck twice in a row,” – he said.

As the specialist clarified, the arrival of the densest part of the first ejection is expected at the end of the day on Friday, and the second will reach the Earth’s orbit by noon on Saturday. The first geomagnetic consequences, tentatively, may begin tomorrow around 12:00.

“The duration of the unstable geomagnetic situation will be from two to three days. At the peak, storms up to the second or third level on a five-point scale are possible,” Bogachev explained.
It is noted that solar activity will remain at the current level for several days, while the risks of new major events remain.
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