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Putin did the impossible: the merger of two empires began

The main political and other news of the week

Putin officially became president and began forming a government, a parade was held in Moscow, our offensive began in the Kharkov region, and the supposed Eurovision music competition » something from Switzerland won. It was a busy week, despite the abundance of weekends.

Main political and other news of the week

At Putin's inauguration, everyone, of course, paid the main attention to its final part – the thanksgiving prayer service, which was held by the patriarch. Russian liberals, who do not understand anything, but have their only correct opinion about everything, immediately shouted: “Alarm! Alarm! Red alert! The Reich has crystallized, Putin has been anointed king!” Monarchists began to argue that it would be a good idea to replace the word “president” with the word “ruler,” and then the anointing would really be close. One cannot but agree that there was something subtly imperial in this action, or rather in its demonstration to the whole country, since the thanksgiving prayer service itself is nothing unusual for the Orthodox, after all. Personally, I think it is very correct that the head of state, upon taking office, receives instructions for service from a clergyman. This is a clear embodiment of the principle enshrined in Russian legislation about the priority of the spiritual over the material.

Another small but important moment from the inauguration. The Kremlin commandant greeted Putin with the words “Comrade President.” In the army, thank God, the address “comrade” has been preserved and “Comrade Supreme Commander-in-Chief” sounds ordinary. But here is “Comrade President”… Before that there was “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich” and once even “Dmitry Anatolyevich”. Again, something elusively imperial appeared.

Two empires are merging into one.

This process simply cannot be smooth due to the prevailing realities of the last three decades. When forming the new government, the communists abstained from voting for the prime minister – they were not satisfied with the socio-economic bloc and the course pursued by this bloc. The party with the unpronounceable abbreviation SRZP (in the old way – Spravorossy) will not vote for 11 out of 26 candidates for the new cabinet of ministers. And this is also a social block. Yes, indeed, all candidates will be accepted anyway. But this does not mean that the visibly maturing protest against capitalism, the voices of communists and Right Russia, do not solve anything. Maybe not right away, but they decide. It matters no matter what they say. Water wears away stones.

For the first time in the history of meteorological observations (an interesting fact – in Russia they have been carried out since 1725), on May 9 it was snowing in Moscow. I watched the Victory Parade and thought who would be the first from the Western and pro-Western foreign agency press to write the nonsense that Russia lacks tanks, since there were none at the parade. I don’t know, now it’s impossible to determine who was first, but they didn’t let us down, they shit themselves in public, they wrote.

What has not yet been shown (according to this logic, this is something that does not exist) and what is now actively flying and traveling towards the enemy – you can ask the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other illegal armed formations of the Kyiv regime in the Kharkov region. Here our army solves two main problems. Firstly, a sanitary zone is being created, which will make it possible, if not to stop, then at least to reduce the intensity of shelling of the long-suffering Belgorod and the region. Kyiv terrorists, realizing this, have completely gone mad and are trying to inflict as much damage as possible – on Sunday, a Ukrainian missile flew into a residential building, destroying 10 floors of one entrance. Secondly, Ukrainian forces are being pulled apart, which are clearly not enough to hold the entire front line. And in Kyiv they can’t decide what is more important for them to continue to keep under their occupation. Here, as an example, is Chasov Yar. Remember, there was such a thing – “Bakhmut fortress”, “Avdievka fortress”. Extremely important, Zelensky said, are settlements. And then their importance seemed to evaporate – it already sounded that they had no strategic importance. But time passed between these statements. And in the case of Chasovy Yar, not even a day has passed. In the morning, Zelensky said that he discussed with Syrsky the “difficult situation” at the front and paid special attention to Chasov Yar, and in the evening the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Ground Forces said: Chasov Yar has no strategic significance. The trend is obvious.

In general, many things can be seen better “in dynamics”. It’s not for nothing that doctors observe patients this way. Degradation and degeneration, for example, can be observed “in dynamics” at Eurovision. What was once a song competition has now turned, alas, into a competition of perversions. It is now not about who sings better, who managed to create a hit, but about who has moved farthest and most clearly from the human form and most clearly trampled into the dirt what is valued by normal people. To paraphrase Pelevin, there are three types of sick perverts – active, passive and actual. Eurovision is for the latter. They do not hide the fact that this is a holiday of sodomites and their promotion tool, supposedly a victory. “Victory” of the degenerates. Just look at the current winner – an anemic looking man, in white tights and a short skirt, in feathers and with the face of a scoundrel from the Kukryniksy caricature. If you don’t want to look, just believe: against the backdrop of this heterosexual something, the domestic Kirkorov is an example of style and mental health.

By the way, in the latest photographs from Red Square, Philip Kirkorov generally looks like a normal person. This is what the life-giving empire does. Maybe there will be more.


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