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The insults begin: Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden

Trump: The current American leader “cannot put two words together”

Trump: The current American leader PHOTO: NATALIA MUSHCHINKINA

Former US President Donald Trump spoke impartially about current American leader Joe Biden. He praised US Secret Service agents for helping Biden not get lost on stage and find a way out of it, TASS reports.

Trump also “walked through” Biden’s oratorical abilities, saying that he had “two words can’t connect,” and after the end of the speeches does not know where to go.

The former president did not miss the opportunity to utter some insulting words about Biden, but at the same time he remained within the bounds of the law. In the United States, the right to freedom of speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. As long as his statements do not contain calls for violence or direct threats, they do not contradict state law.

Joe Biden is the oldest US president. He is now 81 years old. Many times, the current president found himself in awkward situations when he could not find a way out of the stage or when he shook hands with an invisible interlocutor after finishing his speech.

Nevertheless, Joey Biden announced his decision to run for a second presidential term. He will compete with Donald Trump.


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