GENERICO.ruWorld“Until the last”: the US made an important confession about the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“Until the last”: the US made an important confession about the Armed Forces of Ukraine

MOSCOW, May 12. Western supporters of providing financial and military support to Kyiv help, it is worth coming up with new justifications for sending Ukrainians into deadly battles, since the old arguments have ceased to be relevant, writes former special assistant at the Pentagon under Bush Douglas McKinnon in an article for The Hill.
“Those who call on Ukraine to fight to the last citizen, sitting in their comfortable and safe offices thousands of miles from the battlefield, must come up with more convincing reasons,” he said.

McKinnon emphasized that such old slogans as “saving the Ukrainians” and “defending NATO” does not work. In addition, he added, many Western media are hiding important facts about the course of the conflict.

“None of the experts I have spoken to over the past two years believe that Ukraine can win,” he concluded.
On Saturday, the Ministry of Defense reported that units of the Russian group of troops “North”, as a result of offensive actions, liberated Borisovka, Ogurtsovo, Pletenevka, Pylnaya and Strelechya in the Kharkov region and captured 34 Ukrainian soldiers. In addition, the Russian military defeated Ukrainian formations, occupied more advantageous positions, improved the position along the front line, and repelled 30 attacks and counterattacks. Enemy losses amounted to more than 1.6 thousand soldiers.


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