GENERICO.ruAutoAVTOVAZ raised prices for Lada models. Increase – from 50 to 70 thousand rubles

AVTOVAZ raised prices for Lada models. Increase – from 50 to 70 thousand rubles

The increase in price did not affect all trim levels of the Vesta family (including sports and cross-versions), as well as the basic version of the Granta sedan and liftback.

The current line of the Lada brand includes four models – Niva Legend and Niva Travel SUVs, as well as a couple of families – Granta and Vesta. It is worth recalling that very soon Largus vans and station wagons will return to the brand’s lineup. As reported earlier, serial production of these machines will start this month at the plant in Izhevsk. So far, there is still no information about what the price of Largus will be after his return.

In the photo: Lada Vesta SW

AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov said last week that car prices will rise. He noted that the increase will be about 3%, while over the past six months, while the cost of cars did not grow, the accumulated inflation was approximately 7%. Now the price lists have been rewritten, but the increase in price did not affect all models.

Thus, the recommended retail price of all versions of Lada Vesta remains the same, so the price of the sedan varies in the range from 1,239,900 to 1,885,900 rubles, the “raised” four-door with the Cross addition will cost 1,733,900 – 2,007,900 rubles. A station wagon with the SW increase still costs 1,639,900 – 2,015,900 rubles; the five-door SW Cross can be purchased for 1,853,900 – 2,127,900 rubles. In addition, the price tag for sports modifications has not changed: Vesta Sportline costs 2,175,900 – 2,205,900 rubles, and the cost of Vesta SW Sportline varies from 2,350,900 to 2,380,900 rubles.

In the photo: Lada Granta Sport

The price of the basic Lada Granta sedan is still 699,900 rubles, but the cost of all other trim levels has increased by 51.1 thousand rubles. As a result, the top-end four-door now costs 1,228,000 rubles. It is worth noting that in percentage terms the price increase for the sedan was 4.3-6.4%. The starting version of the liftback also retained the same price tag – 739,900 rubles. All other versions have increased in price by the same amount, the top option now costs 1,299,000 rubles.

On photo: Lada Niva Travel

The cost of all configurations of the Lada Granta Cross has increased by 66.1 thousand rubles; now such a five-door is offered for 1,012,000 – 1,177,000 rubles. Sports Grants also went up in price in full – by 71.1 thousand rubles. A sedan with the Sportline addition now costs 1,106,000 – 1,276,000 rubles, a similar liftback can be bought for 1,136,000 – 1,316,000 rubles. The price of the four-door Granta Sport is now 1,405,000 – 1,423,000 rubles; and the five-door sport version – 1,445,000 – 1,463,000 rubles.

In the photo: Lada Niva Legend< p>The price of the Lada Niva Travel SUV (in all versions) increased by 51.1 thousand rubles. Now the recommended retail price of the model is 1,250,000 – 1,533,000 rubles. The classic three-door SUV Niva Legend has risen in price in the same way: for this model they are now asking 881,000 – 1,131,000 rubles. And the option with the Bronto increase added 61.1 thousand rubles and will now cost customers 1,365,000 – 1,454,000 rubles.

We recall that earlier the head of AVTOVAZ Maxim Sokolov noted that based on the results of the current month the company intends to sell over 40 thousand cars. According to the manufacturer's estimates, in April Lada dealers sold about 45.6 thousand cars in the Russian Federation: this figure was the highest in the last 12 years.


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