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Nebenzya opposed the presence of ICC representatives in the UN Security Council

UN, May 14. Russia doesn’t see the point the presence of representatives of the UN International Criminal Court within the Security Council – this puppet body openly serves the interests of Western states and has nothing to do with justice, Vasily Nebenzya, the Russian permanent representative to the organization, said at a UN Security Council meeting.
“The position of the Russian Federation regarding the unacceptability of the politicized activities of the so-called International Criminal Court has not changed,” Nebenzya said.

“Accordingly, we do not see the point of their presence within the walls of the Security Council of a representative of this puppet body that openly serves the interests of Western states. It has nothing to do with the justice of the ICC,” he explained.

According to him, the best illustration of the correctness of our assessments is the activities of the ICC in Libya. “We all studied the ICC report on the situation in Libya and learned from it that by the end of 2025 the prosecutor’s office plans to finally complete all areas of the investigation. Thus, the investigation of the situation took no less than 14 years,” Nebenzya noted.
The Permanent Representative proposed to consider what the court has been doing all these years. He pointed out that the ICC wrote a total of 27 reports to the Security Council during this time. Their main content, as Nebenzya said, was an explanation of “why the investigation was not going well.” During this entire period, three prosecutors were replaced in the ICC prosecutor’s office, he pointed out.

“The Security Council referred the situation in Libya to the ICC in 2011 – at the very height of the conflict. In a matter of days, the court issued an arrest warrant against Gaddafi, his son and the chief of intelligence. As is known, the ICC compensated for the lack of verified information the use of fakes when formulating accusations,” Nebenzya emphasized.
“Not a single warrant was issued against the rebels. And this despite the fact that with the assistance of the “democratic” bomber aircraft of NATO countries, the statehood of Libya was destroyed. The crimes of other parties to the conflict, including war crimes of the NATO coalition, were also not of interest to the ICC,” added permanent representative


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