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Honda intends to release seven new electric vehicles by 2030

The Japanese company decided to tell the details about the current electric vehicle strategy, which is called Honda 0.

The Honda brand previously abandoned the production of mass-produced electric vehicles in partnership with General Motors. However, it continued to develop its own “green” global innovations as part of the Honda 0 (zero) strategy. The first steps in a new direction were the Saloon and Space-Hub concepts, which were presented at the beginning of this year as part of the CES-2024 exhibition. Now the company has decided to talk in more detail about its future plans for the new “electric trains.”

Plan for the production of electric vehicles of the Honda sub-brand 0

The manufacturer announced that by 2030 it is going to introduce seven new electric vehicles: all of them will be released under the new global sub-brand 0 Series. It is known that the first three models should go on sale in 2026. This trio will include a sedan based on the Saloon show car, as well as an entry-level SUV and a mid-size crossover.

In the photo: Honda Saloon and Space-Hub concepts

As previously reported, the production flagship sedan will appear on the North American market in 2026. It is known that this model will be the first-born of the new sub-brand. The first market for it will be North America, after which the model will reach Japan and Asia, and then to Europe. Judging by the slide from the presentation, the line-up will be followed by a mid-size crossover, and then a small “starter” SUV will appear.

In the photo: Honda Saloon concept 1/3 In the photo: Honda Saloon 2 concept/3 In the photo: Honda Saloon 3/3 concept

Further, in 2027, Honda’s “green” line will include the largest model of the family – a large SUV, which will have a three-row interior with seven seats. It is assumed that this electric car will be able to compete for buyers with the Kia EV9. In 2028, the Japanese brand intends to introduce a compact crossover, a year later a subcompact SUV will appear, and in 2030 the “plug-in” family will be replenished with the addition of a small sedan.

In the photo: the interior of the Honda Saloon concept

It is known that the Honda 0 line will also include a sports car , it is possible that it will be given the name NSX (previously the company reported that the successor to the model will receive an all-electric “filling”). Judging by the manufacturer's published plans, the “hot” new product will not be included in the top seven, which means it will debut no earlier than 2030.

In the photo: Honda Space-Hub concept 1/2 Pictured: Honda Space-Hub 2/2 concept

It is reported that the sub-brand's electric vehicles will receive a new version of the Japanese brand's logo: the Saloon concept received it. More models will be based on a new platform with an “ultra-thin” traction battery, due to which the cars will have a low body height and short overhangs. The company intends to reduce the average weight of new electric cars by about 100 kg compared to current cars. Each of the future electric vehicles will have a range of more than 300 miles (483 km) on a single charge when calculated using the US EPA cycle.

In the photo: interior of the Honda Space-Hub concept

Recall that the second concept of the Honda 0 line, presented in January of this year, was the Space-Hub minivan, which was decorated in the same style as Saloon, although it had its own characteristics. Judging by the manufacturer's plan, this show car will not make it into the series.


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