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The prosecutor asked for actress Iskander 11 years in prison

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SARATOV, May 21.The state prosecutor asked the court to sentence Honored Artist of Russia Ramilya Iskander (Khisamova) to 11 years in prison on charges of attempted drug trafficking, the press service of the regional prosecutor's office reported.
The artist ended up in a detention center in August last year after she was detained in Moscow. According to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, Khisamova planned to set up an online store for the sale of drugs and psychotropic substances in Penza, which she agreed with her acquaintance, who attracted two friends. According to investigators, the artist purchased over 2.6 kilograms of drugs and psychotropics, of which she transferred more than 300 grams for sale in Penza through an online store, the activities of which were discovered by law enforcement officers.
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In February, the prosecutor's office transferred to court the case of Khisamova and two residents of the Penza region, Yaroslav Shalev and Vladimir Kholkin. The case against another defendant was separated into separate proceedings in connection with the conclusion of a pre-trial cooperation agreement. On March 27, the Pervomaisky District Court of Penza began considering the main case. The regional prosecutor's office previously clarified that Iskander and her two alleged accomplices admitted guilt at the first court hearing. The court moved on to oral arguments on Tuesday.

“The state prosecutor asked for Khisamova to be sentenced for a combination of crimes in the form of 11 years of imprisonment to be served in a general regime correctional colony. Two accomplices – 8 years of imprisonment each in a maximum security correctional colony. The state prosecutor also asked to confiscate from the defendant for the benefit of the state those used by her in the crime activities, two mobile phones and a Subaru Forester car, and the accomplices have one phone each,” said the agency’s interlocutor.
She clarified that the fourth defendant, whose case had previously been separated into separate proceedings, has already been sentenced by a court to 6 years in a maximum security colony.
As stated in the case file on the court’s website, the next hearing in Khisamova’s case is scheduled for 10.30 Moscow time on May 27. The court clarified that at this meeting the defendants will be given the right to make their last word.
Khisamova remains in custody by court decision, and two other defendants are under house arrest.

According to the biography on the RAMT website, Iskander is the winner of numerous awards for the roles of Eleanor and Esme in the play Rock'n'Roll, Assol in the play “Scarlet Sails” and other works, in 2021 she was awarded the title of Honored Russian artists. He also appears in films and TV series.


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