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The Ministry of Defense published a draft order on changing Russia’s borders in the Baltic Sea; After the reaction of Western politicians, the document disappeared

The Ministry of Defense proposed changing Russia's borders in the Baltic Sea by updating the list of points from which the width of the territorial waters off the coast of the mainland and the country's islands is measured. The document was published on the official portal of draft regulatory legal acts, and then disappeared from there.

The description of the draft resolution stated that the list of coordinates needed to be changed, since the current list was approved in 1985 “based on small-scale nautical navigation charts” and does not correspond to the “modern geographical situation.”

The Ministry of Defense considered that it was impossible to determine the external boundary of internal sea waters, because straight baselines in the Gulf of Finland have no continuation and do not close on the territory of Russia. The agency proposed installing a system of straight baselines in the eastern part of the bay, as well as in the area of ​​Baltiysk and Zelenogradsk. However, the ministry did not indicate a new list of coordinates.

Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said there was “nothing political” in the Defense Ministry's proposal, but pointed out that Russia needs to protect itself. “You see how tensions and the level of confrontation are escalating, especially in the Baltic region – this requires appropriate steps from our relevant departments to ensure our security,” Peskov told reporters.

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry called the proposal of the Ministry of Defense “a deliberate provocation aimed at intimidating neighboring countries.” The country's authorities summoned a Russian representative to the Foreign Ministry to give “exhaustive explanations.” Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis believes that the Ministry of Defense's plans are a “hybrid operation” and “an obvious escalation [of the conflict] with NATO and the EU.”

Finnish President Alexander Stubb said that the Finnish authorities had not received notification from Russia . The country’s Foreign Ministry said it would “work out the details” of the Defense Ministry’s proposal, and added that it expects Russia to comply with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. 

According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Armed Forces, Mikael Büden, Russia “has both eyes” on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Therefore, Sweden began to strengthen its defenses – arm the island and transfer troops there. “Whoever controls Gotland controls the Baltic Sea. Now we are defending Gotland, but we can also use the island for offensive operations if necessary,” said Büden.

After the Ministry of Defense’s proposal drew the attention of the media and politicians, the document was removed from the portal of legal acts. This was noticed by Radio Liberty journalist Mark Krutov. The Ministry of Defense did not comment on the loss of the project. 


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