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Russia was late with a “demonstration” nuclear strike: the West needs a shock

Kyiv has one step left before receiving an atomic bomb

Now Kyiv is allowed to strike deep into Russia with Western long-range weapons. Soon, much faster than you think, tactical nuclear weapons may be supplied to Ukraine. First, under the sauce “do not use, purely for containment”… We will draw a red line in response, but rather a brown one. There is only one way to avoid this (which is completely obvious in the third year of confrontation) – to hit, not to say that we will hit, but to hit seriously. You need a shock so that the enemy's brains fall back into place.

Kiev is one step away from getting an atomic bomb

The decision that Ukraine could attack the “old” (let’s simplify the terminology so as not to bury ourselves) Russian territory with Western weapons was definitely made a long time ago. And everything that we are seeing now – all these statements and discussions – is nothing more than theater. This can be stated with complete confidence, because exactly the same thing happened with the supply of more and more serious weapons. The scheme is unchanged.

So, as of today, Great Britain, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Estonia have officially authorized the use of their weapons. Unofficially (only the media have reported this so far) – Germany and the United States.

We will not have to wait long to see strikes on our peaceful cities, not by single Ukrainian drones with low-power warheads, but by heavy weapons.

And what in response? A menacing statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry that “we will consider legal military targets…, we will have the right to strike…”? Nasty, impudent mice did not respect Leopold the Cat until one day he ate too much “animal meat”.

One can cite many examples from international experience when countries, much smaller and weaker than Russia, kicked the West in the teeth and… The West crawled away or began to talk to them. Here's a real-time example. The Houthis, forgive me, but they are really people in flip-flops and dressing gowns, have already shot down six American Reaper reconnaissance drones. Exactly the same ones fly freely over the Black Sea and aim Ukrainian Armed Forces missiles at Crimea and our other lands. You can give an example from the history of the Northern Military District, its very beginning. Negotiations immediately began when our troops found themselves near Kiev. But as soon as we made a “gesture of goodwill”, muttered “Guys, let’s live together,” they stopped taking us seriously and began to put pressure on us.

In the summer of 2023, the head of the scientific council of the Center for Comprehensive and European Studies, political scientist Sergei Karaganov, wrote an article in which he discussed nuclear escalation and even a preemptive nuclear strike on European NATO countries. In his opinion, the United States would not respond to this, but this would prevent a major war. Karaganov was kicked out exactly by those who believe that in the West they adhere to the same worldview of Leopold the cat as they themselves.

Now the practice of the North Military District shows that this is not so. There are no Leopold cats in power there. There are only those who begin to realize reality and act accordingly to it in only one case – having received a good blow to the head from an enemy who has eaten too much of the “beast.”

Now Karaganov’s colleague, deputy director of the Center for Comprehensive and European Studies at the Moscow Higher School of Economics, political scientist Dmitry Suslov, has published an article proposing to conduct a “demonstration (that is, not combat) nuclear explosion” “to confirm the seriousness of Russia’s intentions and convince our opponents of Moscow’s readiness to go to escalation.”

You noticed – and here the West “pushed through”: little by little, as a result of a pre-emptive nuclear explosion, the proposal was reduced to a “demonstration” one. And, it seems, the proposal is already belated – the “demonstration” will not return sanity to the West.

The bombing of Lvov will not return it either. The West does not feel sorry for the Ukrainians, as everyone has already become convinced of. But Rzeszow, which was blown to dust, is a legitimate military target, if you believe the statement of our Foreign Ministry, which announced Russia’s right to attack British military targets “outside the territory of Ukraine” and also say that British weapons do not pass through Rzeszow – so Now, Rzeszow blown to dust will be a shock.

But without him, the enemy’s brains will not fall into place. This means that Ukraine will soon receive nuclear weapons – well, under the guise of “deterrence”…


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